Interactive Polls has released the latest approval ratings and it contains good news for Joe Biden.  His approval rating is still better than “stick in the eye” and several other categories, as seen below.

Category                                                     Approve    Disapprove
People singing in public bathroom            40             55
Sliver of glass in foot                                  38             52
Joe Biden                                                     36             55
Stick in the eye                                             34             56
Punch in stomach / kidneys                       30             62
Influenza (puking kind)                               29             62
Root canal (no anesthesia)                        28             66
*14,695 voting age adults
**Margin of error +/- 2 points

The White House responded to the results with elation and the official Twitter account noted
“Joe Biden still popular as Commander in Chief, look at these latest poll numbers!”
— White House (@WhiteHouse)
Cultural icons celebrated as well, re-tweeting the original poll with their congratulations.

In your face, ‘stick in the eye’!!”

— Seth Rogen (@RealSethRogen)

The big guy has still got it.  Not even close to last place.
— Hunter Biden (@crkpipe$)

Number don’t lie – way above one third approval.  Let’s go!
— Alyssa Melano (@alyssamelano)  

This article is republished with permission from our friend Oleg Atbashian at The People’s Cube