By USN Columnist Kate Dalley / Feb 3, 2021

It’s disparaging to see Americans with such different views on what freedom is.

The ideology of liberal progressivism is especially troubling. These are your loudest voices in America, and also the those most ignorant of history. This is also the party that occupies all three branches of government, sadly. You’ll hear them say things like:

America is racist”

“I want equality for all”

“Apologize for your whiteness”

“Everyone should get an income from the government”

They say things that make them feel good about themselves. They like the ideas in theory. They feel an unearned moral superiority that makes them feel like they have done something about mankind that is useful and wonderful but as soon as you ask them to explain who pays for that income, or how does my whiteness get me all kinds of advantages or who gets to decide what equality looks like when the government gets to decide that – they can’t explain these things without violating someone’s rights and they certainly can’t dial it back to sound principles because their theories aren’t based on principles. They are based on the emotion of helping victim classes that aren’t actually victims. And the government responds by growing its power over the people.

Do your kids know about the Holodomor?

Kids are not taught this in history class.

The Holodomor had MORE victims than the Holocaust. 4-10 million. They died in the Soviet Union starting in the late 1920’s under Stalin. They absorbed the Ukraine but Ukrainians were not in sync with Stalin’s ideas, He manufactured a famine and killed the citizens by starving them to death. Our news didn’t cover it, of course. Stalin denied it at the time. The primary victims of the Holodomor (literally “death inflicted by starvation”) were rural farmers and villagers, who made up roughly 80 percent of Ukraine’s population in the 1930s.

They started with Stalin presenting a five year plan. They printed posters demonizing their middle class- the farmers who owned land and machinery and had employees. Considered the upper class of the peasants. They called them greedy and told the people it wasn’t fair that they had it better than the average poor. They called them kulaks. The campaign to make them into bad citizens didn’t take long. Propaganda is easy to believe.

Stalin wanted all their land, machines and everything to be nationalized for the “good of the country”. So he took the land, the machinery and everything everyone had worked for- no compensation. They still had to work, but now everything they produced went to the government, and Stalin exported a lot of it and made a fortune. “Equality” came in the form of tiny rations back to the people. If they kept a few stalks of wheat on their land before it was handed over to government , they were imprisoned for 5 years. If they wanted to kill a pig for food they had to get a special license – as all animals were registered or they went to prison- even though it was their pig.

Those that opposed the government taking what they owned were executed by hanging so that everyone could see what would happen to them if they rebelled. They were shunned in the villages until they complied by their fellow citizens who started to believe the propaganda.

For the previous 50 years to this, they had reforms in place that made property ownership and the resulting prosperity in their grasp. But it all changed quickly. They were all so equally poor and starving that they would eat flowers blossoming on the trees, earthworms, they made flour out of ground up bones and cannibalism came into the picture. They ate the domestic animals. They were desperate. Still made to work and starving- many died on the fields working.

People ratted each other out for more rations. The government was so large and oppressive- their was no fighting back. Just enduring. Those that went to enforce Stalin’s dictates said later they thought they were helping the country, even though they were carrying out atrocities on their fellow man. They went along with it. This was only 70/80 years ago. Stalin falsified the census figure to cover up the true number of deaths.It was an effective cover-up. I

t was so effective that Western countries who had diplomats on the ground telling them what was going on were confused by the story. On the surface, the Holodomor was disguised as “the need of bread for the cities,” amplified by industrialization.

The Soviets constructed a narrative that the revolution was moving forward and would bring greater happiness and success in the future, but that for now, the kulaks were standing in the way of progress and they had to be eliminated- they were dangerous and a threat.

They focused on one particular social group and then caricature them as ugly or backwards or unnecessary. You can inspire quite a lot of hatred and you can direct that hatred away from the government and its flaws and towards specific enemies quite quickly.

It’s downplayed and never talked about. Millions died. Mass graves. Just pure evil. It went on for decades.

Many clamoring for their self righteous “equality” request believe that a Holodomor can’t happen here, because we are American. But it can.

When you seek to control others by making government grow its authority to present the fix- the people lose. Our Constitution was the first of its kind to identify God as the giver of our inherent rights and put the people above the government.

Capitalism is not in the Constitution, because it is the byproduct of a free people- a productive people who own what they work for. We don’t need people to ask government to intervene to provide equality- the Constitution afforded opportunity to anyone willing to put in the work and the ability to escape the class you were born into to what you could earn through hard work and sacrifice.

There is no “white privilege”. We aren’t a racist nation. These are lies to start a propaganda campaign against an entire class of people. 70 % of this nation. America actually ended slavery around the world that had been going on for centuries in our first 80 years of being a country but you’ll never hear that from anyone in the media.

The feel good/ theory based politics make one feel like they are an amazing enlightened American while actually supporting the demise of this country. They don’t realize the consequences. They are following right in line with the same old script that’s been used before.

Everyone of all colors and sizes that have achieved success in America for over 250 years are not an anomaly. They are the result.

Ask your kids if they know about the Holodomor. I’ll bet they don’t.

Kids graduating the public education system and college are learning how to be social justice warriors in a country that already figured it out 250 years ago. They aren’t taught to preserve that liberty that made that possible. They aren’t taught the results of their uneducated demands. The Holodomor is a perfect example.

They are taught that the only way to show up on the radar of life is to be “change”– regardless of what that means. Giving up liberty for safety or safety nets or equality under any ideology – not just the Liberal Progressive ideology- destroys what the Constitution was meant to do – insure liberty.

Education of history and principles are the only way to get us out of where we are swiftly headed.

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