By Ed Wallace, Publisher September 8, 2023

If you’re an artist, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to attend the day-long “Art Biz” at the Electric Theater Center, 68 E Tabernacle St in St George, Utah, on Saturday, September 16, 2023.

This nearly sold-out symposium will feature nationally known presenters in their field of expertise in four break out sessions: 1] Hanging, Photographing, and Framing Your Art; 2] Branding, Website, Online Sales; 3] Artist Bio/Statement + Marketing in Publications; and 4] – a two-hour keynote presentation on How to Get a Gallery.  

The event is hosted by the Southern Utah Art Guild. The Guild is a non-profit that promotes the growth and development of the visual arts throughout Southern Utah by providing opportunities, education, and support for members including individuals, patrons, and organizations. 

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The Art Guild sponsors the Arrowhead Gallery, 68 E. Tabernacle St, a non-profit, fine art gallery that features a diverse selection of art from all media – painting, photography, sculpture, etc. The gallery represents over 35 artists from Southern Utah and is a collaborative venture with the City of St. George.

The Guild also sponsors the Red Cliffs Gallery at 220 N. 200 E. in St. George. Currently, the gallery is hosting  an Art Show, “Our Changing Climate”, that features over 90 works of art by 37 Guild artists. 

The Art Biz breakout sessions include: 

1] Hanging, Photographing, and Framing Your Art

Learn how to Photograph and Hang like a professional with Susan Plouzek. Susan is currently the Director of Red Cliff Gallery and she loves to teach.

Susan has practical instruction on how to prep your art for professional gallery presentation, and how to take a professional photo of your art for various social media, submission to galleries, and your personal record.

2] Branding, Website, Online Sales

Unleash your artistic potential with El Gunter, the visionary Creator and Owner of ART Provides. With extensive experience as a Graphic Designer empowering entrepreneurs through branding, El now shares transformative prowess with artists of all levels. Explore the art of branding yourself, craft captivating websites, and unleash online sales strategies to propel your artistic career to new heights. Under El Gunter’s invaluable guidance, embrace this golden opportunity to unlock your full potential.

3] Artist Bio/Statement + Marketing in Publications

Megan Schaugaard will teach you how to get your work featured in prominent art publications and how to write a “kick-a artist statement” and bio!

Megan is a dedicated artist, educator, and marketing specialist. She is an adjunct art instructor at Utah Tech University, holds an MFA from New York Academy of Art, and has a Marketing Specialist position at Streamline Publishing – home to esteemed art publications like Fine Art Connoisseur and PleinAir Magazines.

Megan enjoys helping artists and galleries establish brand-identity, marketing plans and supporting their creative journeys.

4] How to Get a Gallery – Jen Tough

Two-hour keynote presentation covers:

– How to create a database of galleries and what to put on it

– What galleries to approach based on your work/style/goals

– Email scripts (what to say in email 1, 2 and 3)

– Timeline to approach from email to portfolio

– Ways to approach (in-person, social media, email)

– What to send to galleries via snail mail

– Keeping track of your database and when to re-approach if you hear nothing back.


The database and sticking to a schedule really can work. After the workshop with Jen I came away with the drive to follow through on her suggestions and they are really paying off. The database made me review contacts I had made and take charge of reaching out to those galleries in a friendly and ordered way. This was a success for me with a repeated contact resulting in new representation starting this fall! —Mary M

Always inspiring with lots of great advice —Katie Korotzer

Jen’s engaging, breezy and comfortable style, inclusivity, and enthusiasm are awe inspiring. She was made for this gig. 🙂 Obviously, tremendous experience, research, organization, and hard work are required. The results are amazing! —Sue C

A must for any professional artist! Jen is amazing and a wealth of experience and knowledge. —Mary Ann F

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