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NBC is out with a new national poll {Article Here} – {Poll pdf Here} showing that President Trump’s lead in the republican 2024 primary has grown even bigger since the fraudulent and politically motivated indictment by the DOJ.

[ Data Here ]

(via NBC News) – Former President Donald Trump has expanded his lead over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the rest of the Republican presidential field since Trump’s latest indictment on federal criminal charges, according to a new national NBC News poll.

We all know what the tag-team duos are doing in the 2024 race.  The goal of both election control corporations, the DNC and RNC, is to keep Donald Trump from destroying the system they have carefully created.  The billionaire donors are desperate to maintain the illusion of choice.

 In Iowa the SEA ISLAND DeSantis crew have funded and planted Asa Hutchinson and Mike Pence to camp out.  They are supported by Governor Kim Reynolds.  The goal is to use the Jeff Roe Cruz Crew, and roughly 1,000 paid Never Back Down (NBD) conscripts to do the Astroturf.

In New Hampshire they have funded Chris Sununu Inc (his state machine) along with Chris Christie, and the pair will camp out similar to Asa and Mike in Iowa.  Another roughly 500 to 1,000 NBD conscripts.

In South Carolina they do not have the Governor (McMaster) but they have funded Nikki Haley and Tim Scott.  Yes, they are doing pairs this time because the singles didn’t work in 2016.  The NBD conscripts will shift from Iowa to South Carolina along with the calendar.  Not as much state party purchase, so look for Haley and Scott to do something like endorse DeSantis during the SC debate.  The Bush machinery is thick in SC.

♦ In Nevada team DeSantis is following the RGA plan and will be going there soon to spend quite a bit of time and make the necessary funding and political promises.  Watch who endorses from there; it’s a caucus system so the RGA will drive the buss.  The NBD conscripts will come in as supportive filler to do the groundwork.

♦In Florida the SEA ISLAND crews are funding and deploying Francis Suarez along with never-Trump Jeanette Nuñez partnered with Team Jeb and the party apparatus.  However, the legislative assembly is in a little bit of a flux, as many of the members are not happy with being forced to do the legislative roadmap in order to get project funding.  The Florida House and Senate were not happy with the pressure and RdS has abandoned them now, so that might be problematic.

♦ Overall, Never Back Down will have around 2,500 paid operatives in the early primary states.  The RGA will be the pressure point for State Gov endorsements, which should be locked up very soon.  The RGA will also play a key role in financing the state party rule changes to keep everything proportional, thereby extending DeSantis longevity.  The RNC will support this very key part of the plan.  The goal is to bleed Trump dry of funds by forcing a lengthy primary.  The SEA ISLAND group has more money than Trump and the small donors.

The dropout sequence to endorse Ron DeSantis should generally follow the calendar as each of the primary contests is fought.  Rolling out of Iowa, Pence and Hutchinson will try to be the boosters for DeSantis rolling into New Hampshire to greet Sununu and Christie.  However, Christie will stay in at least through Florida to belittle Donald Trump.

Depending on the SC outcome, exiting Florida it should be a two-person race, as Trump is sequentially battered by external DC Lawfare and simultaneous 10 against 1 attacks while campaigning.  Murdoch, Bezos and Musk will work together to support the effort, while DC Lawfare will try to keep Trump from campaigning.  This will take place simultaneous to the NBD Pac and RGA going full negative with campaign ads.

That is the basic outline.  I’ll get more specific as the data points assemble and the very granular tripwires become more predictable.

RELATED – By my calculations last month and based entirely on released information about income and burn rates combined with public statements about the financial position from Elon Musk himself, Twitter was/is in desperate financial position.  Losing around $200 million/month, Twitter was on a path to insolvency by October of this year.

However, it looks to me like Rupert Murdoch is positioned to backstop Musk, contingent upon the platform manipulating content to the benefit of Ron DeSantis.  Keep watching this aspect of public-opinion politics, while keeping a close eye on the RGA (Republican Governor’s Association).