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Alfie Evans: Orwell Didn’t Have a Clue

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By Roy Jeffords at The Political Cowboy

Alfie Evans is a little boy struggling for his life while his parents wage a battle to give him a chance not to be cured – yet – but just to survive one more day. Odds are overwhelmingly against him, but the odds were overwhelmingly against every single person who has ever accomplished something great or unexpected. The real tragedy in this sordid tale is that illness and death aren’t the biggest villains the family must overcome; that role has been taken by Great Britain’s National Health Service and the British courts, both of whom have decided Alfie’s life isn’t worth saving.

Simply having government officials tell parents their child won’t get the medical treatment that universal healthcare is purported to provide to everyone – EVERYONE – would be bad enough. Alfie’s story, however, much like Charlie Gard’s last year, is much darker. Not only have officials at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, where Alfie has been on a ventilator for most of the last year, petitioned to end his treatment at their facility, they’ve demanded the courts prevent him from receiving treatment anywhere in the world.

When the courts upheld Alden Hey’s decision to remove Alfie from life support, Pope Francis met with the Tom Evans, the child’s father, and publicly declared Alfie should be given every opportunity to live. In addition, the Italian government granted citizenship to Alfie to guarantee his continued care. Government officials also demanded he be transported to the Vatican hospital for treatment.

The British government responded by placing guards inside the hospital and threatening Tom Evans and Kate James, Alfie’s mother, with arrest if he is removed from the facility. Doctors claim that ending the child’s life is the only humane treatment left. For some, their assertion has a ring of compassion and reason to it. For those who still in possession of their humanity and their ability to think for themselves, however, the NHS and the British courts show the sinister, mostly hidden reality of socialized medicine and socialism in general.

more at: https://politicalcowboy.com/orwell-no-clue/

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