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Ad Choices

Advertorial Story: Written by our staff and included in our news feed.

Ask the Experts: Our ‘Experts’ will be strategically placed on pages that relate to their area of expertise in addition to being nested under a “Ask the Expert” menu button. “We’ve vetted and assembled a trusted team of experts to answer your questions on a variety of subjects. Do you have questions about your health or a problem with your car. Are you wondering about what type of digital camera is best suited for your needs or how long to cook a turkey? Our Experts are full of knowledge and available to help with any question with accurate, up-to-date information and answers on everything from symptoms of Salmonella to steps for filing in small claims court. If you can’t find the appropriate expert, click here to contact us and we’ll find the expert to help you out.”

Bundles: The most effective way to get your message out and generate new and repeat customers is to combine your branding and awareness power with the direct, call-to-action results of digital marketing and e-commerce. Each USN bundle includes dollar credits that can be used to create a custom digital marketing campaign using our email and mobile sponsorship’s, text messaging and social media products. Each Bundle also gives you the opportunity to pay a portion of the cost in the form of trade, which significantly reduces your cash outlay and brings you new customers.

Button Sponsor: Become a exclusive sponsor of one of three premium top page features: Weather, Markets and Debt Clock.

Business Directory: As a local business, attracting new customers can be a major challenge. Quickly disappearing are the days when people go to the Yellow Pages to find local businesses. Today, people are turning to the internet as a way to find local businesses. Our business directory is a great opportunity to place your business in front of thousands of qualified professionals & consumers who are searching for businesses & services like yours who. You can control and enhance how your listing appears in front of customers in a way that is sure to get noticed.

Classified: Do you have something to sell? USN is the fastest, safest and most economical way to sell your stuff. In just a few clicks, you can place your ads online 24×7 or call our helpful classified staff who can walk you through the process. Or, you can email your ad to us and we will prepare it and send you a proof back for your approval. You can reach us by phone at (435) 688-2333. Our email is:

Coupons: Consumers are constantly changing the way they do business. Coupons won’t disappear, but the printed version could be the next dead-tree business to go up in smoke. Why cut coupons when you could just click them? Small businesses and community members rely heavily upon one another. Incorporating coupons into your business plan is a great way to encourage customers to try different products and strengthen your business ties with the community.

Deal of the Day: A daily featured special deal that stands alone from others advertisers and allows you to market discounted services or products directly to our readers through premium placement on our front page and to readers who have registered to receive online offers and invitations by email. Common products and services sold through our deal-of-the-day include apparel, restaurants, salons and spas, special events, health and fitness products, and travel packages.

Digital Credits: Each USN advertising bundle comes with BONUS dollar amount credits that can be used to purchase our digital products: online banners, email and mobile sponsorship’s, text messaging and social media. Every week, you accrue these credits, from $20-$120, depending on the bundle you select. Your sales representative will consult with you on how to best use your digital credits. Restaurants will be particularly interested in our digital Dining Newsletter, while other advertisers may prefer text messaging or banner ads. Together, we’ll customize a digital marketing plan to fit your business goals

Discover New Business: This is a great format to launch your new business. Special pricing for a package.

Display Advertising: Target more local customers and build your brand with an engaging USN digital display ad. Easy, affordable and powerful, online banner and display ads run online to build awareness and drive sales to both online and brick and mortar stores. Display ads are among the most effective for grabbing online visitors’ attention and help you set yourself apart from other advertisers. USN provides a variety of online display advertising formats to help you reach the right audience for a good return on your investment. We can help you reach your target marketing through banner display campaigns that will be featured both on our desktop and mobile websites, clicking directly through to your website. Your consultant can work with you to create a custom plan that includes the advertising units that achieves the marketing goals for your business growth.

  • Home Page and Run of Site Display Advertising: Home page display advertising gives you impact with presence on the home page of our site. Run of Site (ROS) display advertising are online ads that run throughout the Utah Standard News website. Your business benefits from the association of your message alongside the news and information from a trusted, local digital newspaper web site.
  • Share of Day Display Advertising: Dominate the USN site for a full day and capture your share of local shoppers on key buying days!
  • Section-Targeted Display Advertising: allows you to target your message to online audience segments by content topic. Check with your USN consultant about availability of additional section-targeted advertising.
  • Floating Ads are memorable for the right reasons. Once your floating ad appears for 10 seconds, it then disappears to reveal your logo ad on that same page to keep your message top of mind and allow for further interaction with your brand and message. A visitor will only see one Floating Ad per 24-hour period from their computer, not multiple times per day or multiple times per site, like some ads. Ads are limited to one advertiser per day, so your message will really stick.
  • Sliding Billboards are main-page advertising that really appeals to our visitors. Similar to Floating Ads, Sliding Billboards are memorable for the right reasons. Your message will appear in full on the home page of USN for 10 seconds, and then retreat into a “pencil” sized ad unit and remain present to keep your message top of mind and allow further interaction with your brand and message for those who desire it. Ads are limited to 12 per month.


  • The Bottom Expander ad unit (also sometimes referred to as a “Catfish” ad) is positioned at the bottom of the page. Designed to expand “up” on either click or mouse over, the unique characteristic of this unit is that it always remains visible on screen – even when the viewer scrolls up or down.
  • The Corner Peel ad unit is designed to “peel down” from the upper right hand corner, revealing content that appears to be “behind” the page. Click on it and it expands down ½ page. This unit catches the viewer’s attention due to its unique “triangular” shape that stands out from the rectangular blocks that make up the rest of the page layout.
  • The Interstitial ad unit the most dominating ad format on the web today. This version displays within a “light box” that will gray out the page content underneath and compel the viewer to interact with the ad in order to access that page content. An optional “count down timer” is also available.
  • The Pencil Pushdown ad unit (also sometimes referred to as a “Filmstrip” or “Sliding Billboard” ad) is typically positioned immediately under a website’s main navigation bar. Designed to “push” the underlying page content down upon expansion, this ad unit can be set to any size you like. This allows for full flexibility both horizontally and vertically depending on your page layout and advertiser message.
  • The Sliding Billboard ad unit is configured to “drop down” from the top, center of the page. Designed to resemble a traditional freeway billboard, this floating unit is a popular alternative to the “Pencil Push” format. A teaser remains at the top of the page when in the collapsed position.
  • The Sticky Note ad unit (also sometimes referred to as a “Post-It Note” ad) can be positioned to drop in from the upper right or upper left hand corner of the page. Designed to “Float” on top of all other page content, this ad unit can be configured to use images other than the default hand (i.e. like using a dog paw for a Pet Store).
  • The Superstitial Unit has the ability to garner 100% undivided attention for an advertiser’s message. Designed to completely replace the current web-page with a full-screen message from the advertiser, this unit is in a class all by itself.
  • The Video 300×250 ad unit (also sometimes referred to as a “Big Box” Video ad) is configured to run the video of your choice with the standard 300×250 ad position.  Playback controls are fully configurable (i.e. set video to auto-play vs. user initiated).
  • The Video Pencil Push ad unit (also sometimes referred to as a “Filmstrip” or “Sliding Billboard” ad) is typically positioned immediately under a website’s main navigation bar. Designed to “push” the underlying page content down upon expansion, this ad unit (as well as the video player inside) can be configured to any size you like. This allows for full flexibility both horizontally and vertically depending on your page layout and advertiser message.
  • The Wallpaper ad unit (also sometimes referred to as a “Rails” ad) is designed to take over the background layer of the web page. While always appearing to the right and left of the page content, certain sites may also have areas (between content blocks) that display the background layer as well. For branding impact, this ad unit leads the pack.


  • The IAB Mobile Adhesion Banner is an ad format that maximizes content and device compatibility for all digital screens, starting with smart phones and tablets. Persistent, yet unobtrusive, this ad form will persist as the user interacts with the device and content (changing orientation or zooming) – in a consistent and elegant fashion.
  • The Mobile Interstitial ad out and an image (with optional video overlay) is displayed. Unit can be configured to both smart phone and tablet size. An optional “count down timer” is also available.
  • The Mobile Interstitial w/Video The Mobile Pull The Mobile Slider The Mobile Superstitial

Dixie Guide:Our all inclusive Guide to Dixie is your best way to access our local community, tourists and anyone interested in visiting. It is the best way for consumers to learn about all the great and important information that St. George and the surrounding area has to offer. Our integrated map makes it easy for your business to be noticed and our mobile App will make this digital publication available worldwide. Given our ever-evolving business landscape, it’s hard to keep up with the changes. Here, our readers will find all the latest and greatest offerings our community has to offer.

Email Marketing: Email marketing yields some of the highest ROI in digital marketing. It provides targeted and custom crafted messages that reach consumers to build customer loyalty, maintain an ongoing relation between businesses and its customers, and foster repeat business.

  • Targeted Email Blasts: Email remains one of the most effective digital solutions to directly reach new customers today. Email marketing yields some of the highest return on investment in digital marketing. For every $1 spent on email marketing an average of $44.25 is returned. With our email marketing solution, we can help grow your business with a well thought-out campaign that is affordable, effective and monitored. Our team employs turn-key solutions that utilize direct marketing email lists, HTML, creative programming and best-in-class deployment. We will deliver your message, whether it is special promotional offers, new product/service announcements or other advertising information directly to the in-box of your local customers on behalf of your business.
  • Custom Email Blasts: Promote your special offer or event with USN’s Custom Email Blast. Your exclusive message is sent to 3,000 opt-in subscribers. The beauty of this newsletter is that you are the only advertiser on the email and yours is the exclusive content. Essentially, you “own” this email. The Custom Email Blast includes opt- in sharing on all enter-to-win contests. Email blasts are sent out Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They sell out fast, so check with your Account Executive about available. The email must highlight a prize, contest, giveaway, or special discount. The more universal the offer, the more effective the contest or giveaway will be.

Mobile & Text Display Ads: Speak to the USN crowd when they are on the go.

  • Mobile: Mobile ads drive awareness and target mobile users. USN’s mobile site is the easiest way to find events, restaurants and the USN store.
  • Texts: Text messages are sent out twice a week Mon-Fri to 3,000 phone numbers. The text can be customized with your offer, promotion or discount.

Newsletter Sponsorship:

  • Main Newsletter: This email highlights content from the latest edition of USN as well as lists of upcoming events and links to the latest stories and blogs. It’s the latest news from USN into your mailbox. The Main Newsletter is sent to all opt-in subscribers.
  • Take 5 Newsletter: This newsletter is a short email sent 5 days a week with noteworthy topics of the day. It’s a five minute read to kick off the day sent to opt-in subscribers.
  • Dining, Music & Event Newsletter: This newsletter features exclusive content from our food & event section including reviews, interviews, new restaurant openings and special coupons and discounts available only to USN readers. It’s a great way to get your message to the opt-in subscribers who are interested in food and events. This Newsletter is published every Wednesday.

Page Sponsors: Become an exclusive sponsor of a page that relates to your business like ‘Health/Wellness’, ‘Food’, ‘Family’, ‘Law’ and ‘Travel’. Your ad will be anchored to that page.

Radio Minute: Sponsor a one-minute synopsis that focuses on today’s stories and is featured on local stations.

Social Media Blasts: Want to increase your Facebook fans, Twitter followers and email list? Need to promote your event? There are two ways we can help:

  • Social Media Posts: Includes 2 Facebook and Twitter posts over a one-week period. You can link to event page, website or any link of your choice. Ask your sales rep what our current Social Media fan numbers are.
  • Social Media Contest: Let us promote and host a contest for you. We’ll direct our fans and followers to enter your contest. This is a perfect way to build your email list of social following. You can have us host a contest on USN.com along with our social sites. Or, keep it strictly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, encouraging page likes, shares or answering a question to win. You provide the prize and we’ll share the emails from those who entered (must use our contest form to receive emails). Contest will run for one week. USN reserves the right to final approval of all contests.
  • Why Facebook Contests?
    FB contests Increase your social media footprint and help build a digital audience and be where your customers are. They create awareness for your products and services allowing you to engage with your customers and hear what they have to say. Every USN Facebook contest includes a professionally designed contest from start to finish, including an eMail opt-in embedded to increase your database and send out valuable deals to your customers. The contest posts on facebook.com/USNews and has the option of increasing your success with targeted BOOSTED Facebook posts. You set the budget, we do the rest.

Special Events Partnership: Raise awareness to your message and brand with a unique partnership offered to you by USN Events. Build a new level of awareness to your advertising campaign by extending your brand message with special events. USN offers an array of seasonal advertising opportunities, generating awareness with diverse audiences and topics.

Store: The USN store is a LOCAL online shopping venue where consumers can purchase discounted merchant goods and services as well as tickets for shows and events. Consign your consumer offers in our store and get paid when they sell. You determine the amount of inventory you wish to sell, the value, the time frame and the selling price.

Syndicated Content Sponsor: Become an exclusive sponsor of a syndicated feature of your choice. Your ad will be anchored to that page. For instance, Thomas Lowell sponsored by ‘your business’.


USN Advantage Club: Because you are a supporter of Utah Standard News, you automatically become a Advantage Club provider where our subscribers can receive discounts on products and services. Your business will be featured on our club page and we will provide a USN Advantage Club sticker for your window or door. There is no charge to you for this program. This is just one more way you benefit from advertising with USN.

USN Booth & Table Events: Display your promotional materials, fliers and hand-outs at our USN booth or tabled event.

USN Booth & Table Events Surveys: Display your promotional materials, fliers and hand-outs at USN booth or tabled event of your choice and/or help us help you get market research! We’ll create a questionnaire that our event team will have people fill out and give you the results including emails. Surveys must be 1-10 questions. We encourage you to offer prizes for completed questionnaires to increase quantity filled out.

Video Advertising: The current digital world is fast-paced and visual. Videos provide an outlet for your business to share on multiple online platforms, and they are an excellent way to connect with your market. Streaming Video solutions allow businesses to run a marketing message alongside video content online. We provide your business with a professional, high quality engaging digital video that you can share on a wide array of different media such as social networks, websites and emails.