by Drew Doggett – Feb. 8, 2016, 1:29 p.m. – Sunlight Foundation

Throughout the 2016 campaign, two candidates have lapped the field when it comes to throwing fundraisers — Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. And for two politicians with a complicated history of both distancing and embracing their family name, Clinton and Bush are now calling on kin to help them raise cash in their bid for the White House.

From when the candidates and their families started their fundraising frenzy to the most recent fundraisers available today, Sunlight’s Political Party Time has been mapping the pursuit of campaign cash by Clinton and Bush — and their family network. Click on the markers for more details about the event indicated, such as cost, date and more.

We really wanted to hone in on the events each candidate attended, the fundraisers where the candidates actually broke bread with big donors. That’s why the map above showcases all the fundraisers each candidate has made an appearance at so far during the 2016 election cycle; maps that detail the fundraising activities of Clinton’s and Bush’s families can be seen below… read more here