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John Curtis had a Good Year Trading Stocks in 2023

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By Ed Wallace, Publisher – Apr 18, 2024

Unusual Whales produces a yearly report that discloses congressional financial transactions. John Curtis had a good year in 2023 making a 25.3% return as a trader with insider knowledge. That’s better than the latest SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) return at 24.8%

In other words, Curtis blew the market out of the water.

Curtis got his feet wet in 2019, and on 3/27/2020, he reported over 50 stock purchases totaling $237-085 to $935,000.

On 12/15/2023, Curtis reported 59 stock sells, including his stock ownership in Blackrock. On Jan 2, 2024, he announced his Senate campaign. Optics matter.

This may explain why a candidate will spend millions to win a job that has an average salery of $174,000 per annum. So far, in 2024, Curtis has spent $1.7mil and has $1.3mil cash to spend

This image displays his campaign contributions:

You can see all of his stock info here: https://unusualwhales.com/politics/insider_trades?ticker=&search=JOHN+CURTIS

Blake Moore is the only other federal official from Utah that has reported stock trades.

Utah AG Sean Reyes recently Highlighted His Commitment to Fighting BlackRock’s ESG Agenda

A coalition of U.S. Senators, led by Senator Mike Lee from Utah, sent a letter to the leaders of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioners, requesting information and answers about BlackRock’s requests for blanket authorization after the “world’s largest asset manager appears to be systematically violating its commitments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).” 

This letter follows General Reyes’s recent legal actions to intervene in FERC’s three-year reauthorization of BlackRock’s blanket authorizations to acquire over $10 million in voting securities of publicly traded utilities. 

Related Link ;

Report: JOHN CURTIS EXPOSED: A Trail of Sexual Harassment, Incompetence, and Broken Contracts

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Inside WashCo Politicks – Tactics & Plans – The Hidden Agenda

Judge rules against DEREK BROWN – Conspiracy and Interference claims are valid – Lawsuit may proceed

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240 Utah Dams Classified as “High Hazard.”

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By Wayne Wickizer, Columnist.

Dam Failures
Caught 10 Massive Dam Failures


Will Jordanelle Dam Fail
as a Tsunami of Snowmelt
Floods out of the Uinta Mountains?

Jordanelle is among ~240 Utah dams classified as “High Hazard.”  “High Hazard” is typically defined as a dam whose failure will cause loss of human life and significant property destruction.


Never say Never about Utah Dams
Utah’s “High Hazard” Laub Dam was deemed safe
5 months before rupture in 2012.


Here are examples of
Utah dam failures:

Map of Utah high hazard dams
The 1975 Banqiao Dam Failure – Globalenergy-news.com

Dams Can Fail in Hours Minutes or Seconds

Jordanelle Dam’s Sordid Naissance & History

Spawned in conflict and controversy, this “High Hazard” Dam still aggravates the minds of many old-timers who can’t forget the era and aura of fraud and potential disaster that envelops it.  Here are two vignettes that illustrate our point, taken from a History of Wasatch County:

The (Wasatch) Wave explained, “Since the Wasatch Valley is primarily known and famed as a summer resort recreational center, the addition of a ski resort would greatly enhance the possibilities of growth.”  The timing was not right for the resort in the mid-1970s, however, and plans were dropped. In the meantime, a developer sold property interests to investors in Holland, telling them the resort was completed. The developer was later convicted in Los Angeles of fraud.  (These properties were in and around Jordanelle.)

Speaking specifically of the Jordanelle Dam, “The citizens had an even greater concern. What would happen if the dam did not hold and the stored water was dumped on Midway and Heber City? Just before construction began, the Teton Dam, a large federally constructed project in eastern Idaho, broke, flooding much of the downstream area.  Could the same thing happen in Utah?  Mining interests were especially concerned.  During hearings in 1979, Clark L. Wilson from the United Park City Mines Company reported that the dam was on a fault line.  Initially, the county commissioners gave cautious support to the Jordanelle project, but when other studies showed the fault line through the proposed dam site, county officials and citizens expressed more concern.  One geologist, Leon Hansen, declared the dam site was unsafe and said that if it broke “a minimum of 50,000 lives would be lost.”  Four geologists from BYU questioned the safety of the dam because of the geological conditions in the area.  The Bureau of Reclamation geologists agreed there was a fault line in the area but argued “lay observers … and even experienced geologists are not qualified to comment on whether or not engineering can compensate for site problems.”

The existence of the active fault is demonstrated in the following video.  Restart the video below and enlarge it.


The Bald Mountain fault is a class “A” fault.  In geology, seismic faults are classified into different categories based on their seismic hazard potential.  One of the classifications is the “Class A” fault, which typically applies to faults that are capable of producing a magnitude 7 or greater earthquake.  These are considered the most hazardous faults and can result in significant damage and loss of life. 

Based on web search results, water-saturated soils can trigger a phenomenon (Think about unprecedented snow melt this year.) called soil liquefaction, which causes the ground to behave like a viscous liquid during earthquakes.  This can result in damage to buildings, roads, bridges, and other structures (damns) that are on top of or in the soil.  Soil liquefaction occurs when granular soils are subjected to seismic “S” waves (secondary waves), which cause ground vibrations during earthquakes. The soil grains lose contact with each other and are suspended in the water-filled pore spaces, which increases the water pressure and reduces the soil’s resistance to shear stress.  Soil liquefaction is a leading cause of earthquake damage worldwide.

The following data about the Jordanelle Dam can be verified HERE.

Owner: Bureau of Reclamation (BOR)
Hazard potential classification: “High Hazard”
Date of last Emergency Action Plan Revision: 06/17/2020
Inspections required: Annually
Date of last inspection07/09/2020

From an extensive, official report found HERE, we learn that: “Study Results indicate that flooding resulting from the sunny day failures of either Jordanelle or Deer Creek Dams will inundate the residential areas along the Provo Canyon corridor and in Orem and Provo, which could result in the loss of life.  In addition, parts of Springville located within the floodplain south of Provo, Utah as well as major highways and road crossings would be heavily impacted by the floodwaters.” 

This is what the Deseret News reported in 1988 and what the BOR could be concealing today by not releasing, more freely, its Emergency Action Plan. The “bottom line” is that the BOR doesn’t want us to see the detailed death and destruction projections. Look for more shocking “eye-openers” near the end of the following Deseret News report.


From our own information, discussing this matter with experts, and reviewing the literature for some decades now, flooding could make a right-hand turn at Utah Lake and rumble North swamping the Jordan River to spill out onto the Salt Lake Valley.

Here we digress to the first person.  Wanting to know more, I began to call and call and email agencies.  I left messages and sent emails and am getting responses from some.


Jeremy Hales, the E.M. Director for Wasatch County, wherein Jordanelle is sited returned my call and answered my email request promptly, cordially, and respectfully.  I was trying to track down an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for Jordanelle.
Here is the contact information for Jeremy:

1361 South Highway 40
Heber City, Utah 84032
Phone: (435) 657-3544
Email: EM@wasatch.utah.gov

Mr. Hales and I had the conversation that follows: 

Here’s one problem: Jordanelle is owned by the federal Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), but operated by the State of Utah.  “Operated” does not mean that Utah calls all of the shots.  I don’t have enough information to comment on more than that … other than to say I’m NOT getting an Emergency Action Plan out of anyone other than the BOR — and likely not them either.

Another problem: The shortest time to a failure found (see above) was “within minutes” and “within seconds.”  I had a conversation with two Jordanelle Dam officials.  They assured me that they had eyes on the Dam and inspected it twice daily.  However (isn’t there always a “however”?) a catastrophic failure within minutes or seconds at Midnight is no comfort to the dads, moms, and their babies downstream in Heber Valley, Utah Valley, and at the bottom of the Bureau of Reclamation’s Emergency Action Plan, contact call list.  How long will it take to reach out to individuals on that list?

If you, your loved ones, friends, and neighbors know only mere moments at midnight before Jordanelle begins to fail … Sleepy Joe Biden and Lil’ Coxy’s apparent plan is for you to bend over, put your heads between your knees, and kiss your asses goodbye!

Another problem: Why is the Jordanelle still a “High Hazard” dam?  Where is it on a list of political priorities to be fixed?  If it fails, the flood and debris would drown down and across a broad swath of Utah Valley and perhaps also rumble on into the Salt Lake Valley.  A whole lot a’ folks would be swimming, treading water, or drowning.  

Yes, the BOR owns Jordanelle.  But who is ultimately responsible for bringing it back to code?  If only the BOR, then they’ve let it lapse and Lil’ Coxy’s regime should have expressed strident outrage about it … especially this year.  We’d overlook his usual wining and sniveling if only it were focused on addressing the damn dam problem.

Above is an undoctored photo taken on the Utah House floor that exemplifies Utah’s political “leadership”.

Lack of Political Leadership, Due Diligence, and Care

The Federal, “High Hazard” Jordanelle and the ~240 Utah State “High Hazard” Dams are glaringly stark evidences of the decades of willful and wanton disregard our politicians have for the safety of our People.  In this instance, the “Buck Stops” with the President of the United States and Utah’s Governor Cox.

Were we to waste time detailing the disastrous Biden administration, the focus of this dam report would be lost.

Our most immediate problems reside with the Little Prince, Spencer Cox.  Governor Cox … or Lil’ Coxy as we call him … is all in, invested, and wound up tight, preening, posturing and pontificating with his head up hisand all into the I-15 Corridor, Silicon Slopes, the Prison Move, and … “Smart” Cities.

Speaking of Smart Cities, Lil’ Coxy lectures about them with one of his many faces and then denies their very existence.  Amazing proof of that can be found by clicking on . Enlarge the video for the best viewing experience.

Lil’ Coxy is an effeminate liar who cannot be trusted to serve anyone but Utah’s Goodfellas, his cronies, and himself.  We thank Jason Preston and Enoch Moore of Defending Utah for confronting Lil’ Coxy and catching him in his lies.  Lil’ Coxy is pimping for prestige and power, and incapable of minding the Utah store.

We have observed Lil’ Coxy’s perverted penchant for matters completely out of conservative sync and ideology.  We cite our own writings as examples:

I, Wayne Wickizer, believe Lil’ Coxy is a Liberal mole pre-positioned to format all of Utah into the Marxist model of a mindless, woke, Deep-State of madness.

Lil’ Coxy is a Liar’s Liar and a RINO’s RINO.  His judge, jury, and legacy could ultimately revolve around and depend on ~240 “High Hazard” dams, and the Almighty’s Mother Nature.

With this story, we serve notice on Lil’ Coxy and Utah’s politicians: Should they fail to act immediately, there could be dire, legal, cultural, political, and social consequences were Jordanelle, or any one of Utah’s ~240 troubled dams, to fail and take innocent lives.

Much of Utah’s dam problems are embodied in the ole’ saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.”  It’s easy, especially for corrupt politicians, to ignore potential catastrophes.  If we all lived … even still … in the floodplain beneath the Teton Dam, we’d know that “an ounce of prevention (and preparation) is worth a pound of cure.”

Jordanelle is still a “High Hazard” Dam because it would cost money to address.  Historically, the cost of each dam safety project has averaged about $2-3 million. (Cost varies depending on the size of the dam and the extent of the deficiencies.) At the current level of funding, the state can fund, on average, only one or two dam safety projects each year.  With each passing year, inflation chips away at the dollar’s buying power, and the ability to complete projects diminishes. 

In order for the remaining High Hazard dams to be brought up to minimum safety standards, an estimated $250 million is needed.  At the current funding rate, this would take around 66 years!  If funding were increased by $6.2 million to a total of $10 million per year, it would still take around 25 years!

A report by the Utah Division of Water Resources (UDWR) from 2013 estimated the potential economic damages from the failure of the Jordanelle Dam alone at $3.29 billion.  ~$250MM is a comparatively small price to pay.

Wasatch Front Regional Council

Over the decades the Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC), a demonstrable, do nothing “Peter,” may have spent that ~$250MM just trying to plan for transport up and down the Cottonwood Canyons and they haven’t accomplished shit yet.  Let’s fire the worthless Council and use the money they’ve squandered on planning … to actually fix our dams.  From their website:

“The Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) has been in existence for several decades.  The WFRC was first created in 1969 as the Salt Lake City and County Planning Commission, and then in 1977, the Salt Lake County Metropolitan Planning Organization was established, which eventually became the WFRC.  This indicates that the organization has been in existence for over 50 years.

“For example, the WFRC is responsible for developing transportation plans every 4 years, and it released its transportation plan in January 2023, which includes a financial plan to demonstrate the costs of roadway and transit facilities over the life of the plan. Furthermore, according to one of the search results, the transportation plan lists the cost of a gondola project in Little Cottonwood Canyon as just over $1 billion phased.  [Gondolas won’t save thousands downstream of any dam breach from drowning.]

“However, the WFRC is also involved in other types of plans, such as the Wasatch Choice 2050 Vision plan 4, which includes a financial plan to demonstrate the costs of various strategies to enhance mobility, economic development, and quality of life. In addition, the WFRC has a Local Planning Resource Program Agreement that involves contracting with consultants to assist with planning efforts. [In ~50 years, they still haven’t achieved a better way to go skiing other than up the narrow, congested canyons in our own cars.]

Now that we’ve pirated some of the WFRC’s planning “grift,” it would help to have competent, ethical leadership.  We’re here to remind you that Utah’s Gov. Lil’ Coxy is all in for the WFRC, Silicon Slopes, The I-15 Corridor, the Prison move, “Smart Cities,” passion to preserve the China connection, and anything and everything that will line the pockets of Utah’s Goodfellas and his corrupt cronies.  Fat chance getting his help.

Lest we forget, there’s one more potential source of funding from Coxy’s personal, Corona Relief Funds ($934,765,677.00), and the potential funding that is controlled specifically by Lil’ Coxy and his office.  It’s “Lil’ Coxy’s Cash Cow”.

For example, from just some of our analysis and investigation, if Coxy can afford to grant/grift $1MM to the perverted purveyor of porn films, Sundance Institute, and many $$$ to his campaign finance cronies, he could surely come up with the $250MM for Utah’s “High Hazard” dams.

Is Lil Coxy…

We’ll wrap this story up and get it out post haste. Hopefully, what we’ve written is accurate and impactful.  There will be more soon.  

Note that Utah Division of Water Resources officials returned my calls and provided useful information as we spoke.  They appear to be doing the best they can to make lemonade out of the lemons corrupt officials like Lil Coxy have given them.  These stewards appear to be decent, vigilant, and competent, flying by the seat of their pants, and on a wing and a prayer hoping no lives will be lost.

If we’ve mingled and mixed in some narrative taken from official sources with comments of our own, we hope you’ll understand.

Please send any corrections asap to justiceforallsecure@protonmail.ch.

Yesterday, 05.07.23, I took a personal look at Jordanelle and videoed the event (see below).  In the 1990s, renowned Utah geologist Leon Hansen and I would travel Hwy 40 “abeam” of the Jordanelle Reservoir.  He would point out where the Bald Mountain Fault intersected Hwy 40 and the “hump” in the road that proved it.

After Leon’s passing and spanning nearly several decades, I would announce this “hump” to all those traveling with me as we bumped over it … announce it as the “Hansen Hump.”  Yesterday, I could not find it.

Also, I visited briefly with a resident who lives within about a “mile or so” downstream from the bottom of the dam.  His idyllic little farm is at an elevation above the Provo River but, in my opinion, still, much at risk.  I purposefully avoided taking the Chicken Little “The sky is falling” or “The dam is breaking” approach.  We talked cordially about potential dam failure, its status as a “High Hazard” dam, and Leon Hansen’s warnings.  He seemingly wasn’t much concerned.  He asked not to be identified but gave me permission to report these impressions.  Knowing what I KNOW, I wouldn’t be quite so cavalier about living below the dam.  Hopefully, our report will give this fine man some “food for thought.”

At the “ripe” ole’ age of 86, I don’t get out or drive much anymore, but on Sunday I trekked out in my little Ford F-150 … that I love dearly … from Uintah (Ogden) to Jordanelle.  Please enjoy the trip report that follows:


Regardless of the denial, it is always encouraging to receive a quick response from the government.  Note the one that follows. I had requested the Jordanelle Emergency Action Plan. 

Amanda McClellan <Mandy@cuwcd.gov>
Good morning, 
In response to your request for the Jordanelle Emergency Action Plan, under Utah Code 63G-2-106, government security plans for the protection of persons, or property including plans for emergency disaster response and recovery are not subject to GRAMA.  Therefore, your request is denied.
In accordance with 63G-2-205, should you decide to appeal our response to your request, you can do so within 30 days of this notice of denial to:
Gene Shawcroft
1426 E. 750 N. Suite 400
Orem, UT  84097
I am also attaching a Public Request for Records form and fee schedule.  If you have any further requests, please use the form to submit them.
Thank you,
Mandy McClellan CIGO, CRM, IGP
(801) 226-7146 office | mandy@cuwcd.gov
1426 E. 750 N. Suite 400 | Orem, UT 84097

The Top 5 Biggest Dam Failures in the World


Who Does Ipson Work For? Hint: It’s Not you.

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By Ed Wallace, Publisher – April 11, 2024

A compilation of Don Ipson’s campaign reports from 2008 to present (April 7, 2024), shows that Ipson has received the following contributions:

23 Local SD29 Contributions (Largest – Don Ipson, $2,016.20)$9,286.20
238 In-State Contributions$154,874.85
99 Total Out of State Contributions$45,178.48
360 Total Contributions$209,339.53

Out of the 360 contributions to Ipson’s campaigns, only 23 (15 entities) have come from the district (SD29) he represents. His largest WashCo contributor is himself: $2016.20 on 3/12/2008 

In the last 2020 election to present (4/11/2024), Ipson received only 3 donations from within SD29 totaling $500  

12/21/2020Stephen M Studdart$100.00
10/21/2020Stephen M Studdart$100.00
4/4/2020Southern Utah Title$300.00

Source: https://disclosures.utah.gov/Search/PublicSearch/FolderDetails/2052?sooID=1414692

His contributors include: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h9hElBAkVHWswBnEIy—oNvC4dhPgYJln67DTZ1L8s/edit?usp=sharing

The following shows the donations by SD29 constituents from 2008 to present:

Ipson, JoAnn , St. George, UT 00000$20.006/6/2008
David R. free , St. George, UT 84770$200.006/8/2016
Ence, Jay , St. George, UT 84770$500.0010/17/2008
Farmers Employee and AgentPAC , St. George, UT 84770$500.0010/19/2012
Jay Ence dba E & F Investment , St. George, UT 84770$500.0010/19/2012
Republican Women , St. George 84770$250.009/23/2008
Shakespeare, Tom/Gloria , St. George, UT 84770$500.0010/21/2008
Southern Utah Title , St. George, UT 84770$250.006/8/2016
Southern Utah Title , St. George, UT 84770$600.0012/18/2019
Southern Utah Title , St. George, UT 84770$300.004/4/2020
Southern Utah Title , St. George, UT 84770$500.009/22/2022
Southern Utah Title Co,. , St. George, UT 84770$300.009/28/2012
Split Decisions LLC , St. George, UT 84770$200.004/21/2008
Stephen M Studdart , St. George, UT 84770$100.0010/21/2020
Stephen M Studdart , St. George, UT 84770$100.0012/21/2020
Steven M. Studdert , St. George, UT 84770$200.0012/21/2018
Stewart Campaign/Uncashed Check , St. George, UT 84770 Comments:To reverse a check made in error that was never cashed$500.0012/22/2023
Void Ck # 1433 to Edward Redd , St. George, UT 84770$300.0012/20/2012
Teri L and James W. Kane , Washington, UT 84780$500.003/21/2016
James L. and Zoma Painter , St. George, UT 84790$500.006/12/2012
Zoma Painter , St. George, UT 84790$250.0012/20/2016
Washington County assoc of P.U.D.’s , St. George, UT 84791$200.0010/29/2012

Southern Utah Title is a registered business entity consisting of the following filing member:

Entity #582846-0142


SOUTHERN UTAH TITLE COMPANYCorporationSaint GeorgeActive
DirectorJOSEPH MCPHIESaint George UT 84790
TreasurerJOSEPH MCPHIESaint George UT 84790
SecretaryJOSEPH MCPHIESaint George UT 84790
Registered AgentBRAD SEEGMILLERSaint George UT 84770

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Obama and Biden removed Bibles, Trump will return Bibles to military Barracks

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News headlines this week are that President Donald Trump is joining with others to offer Bibles for sale, with his brand. Go for it. You didn’t see that from the Obama and Biden administrations running the military. Here is my column from 2019.

The United States military handles about 30,000 rooms in hotels and inns at about 300 or so locations in the free world. The Navy Exchange  operates its Navy lodge, and the Navy Morale Welfare and Recreation operates the Navy Inns. The Air Force has Inns, the Army has Hotels, the Marines have billets .  Since 1966, these military hotel rooms are in Germany, Japan, California, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico,  Utah, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Ohio, Alabama, Florida,  South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, District of Columbia and Massachusetts. And more. These rooms are for traveling service men and women. For decades, the military rooms had Gideon Bibles, all donated.  So why aren’t we  surprised to learn the Obama Pentagon had them removed?

In January 2017, the Navy Lodge (Navy Exchange) and Navy Gateway Inns (Morale Welfare and Recreation) at Naval Aviation Facility Atsugi, and Camp Zama Lodging, Japan, and New Sano in Tokyo, were offered free copies of the Book of Mormon for their bedroom dressers in their guest suites, like the Marriott hotels.  Although, it was reasonable to assume they had copies of the Bible in their rooms, Bibles could have been provided as well. As it happened, at the same time, the inauguration used a Bible for swearing in the new President Trump.

U.S. Army Camp Zama Japan entrance

It turned out, none even had Bibles. Between 2012 and 2014, all scriptures were removed at direction of the ‘Pentagon,’ a euphemism for higher authority. First with the Air Force, then other services. Press reports  confirmed this time line, 11 August 2014 Bibles removed, 12 August 2014 atheists celebrate, August 14 Navy tells lodges to put removed Bibles back, January 2015 Bibles removed again. So, in February 2017, the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty in Washington D.C. was asked for help in restoring the Bibles to the military hotels. Who knew but that their Executive Director advised, that as of February 16, 2017, he thought the Bibles had been restored, and the Alliance was surprised to learn they were removed again?   Similar removals occurred with the Air Force, Army. and Veterans Affairs Clinic, with press reports of threats of Courts-Martial because Bible verses were ‘contrary to good order and discipline.’

If Atheists want recognition in the guest lodging, an empty dresser drawer could be reserved for them.

United States Navy helicopter with Elders and Sisters of the Tokyo South Mission as Red Cross Volunteers.

As religion was a Chaplains’ issue, inquiry was made of the Chaplains about the Bibles. One Chaplain reported a threat that the Chaplains were to obey orders, and the Navy could get along without chaplains, sort of like the Marines who rely on Navy Doctors, Lawyers and Chaplains.

Approximate Time line.

Apr 9, 2012 – In early February, a cockpit atheist in Kadena Airbase in Japan contacted MAAF to ask why there was a Bible posted in Air Force lodging. Source Militaryatheists.org.

Jan 24, 2014 – Bibles removed from University of Wisconsin lodging.  Source. Foxnews.com

Aug 8, 2014 –  The U.S. Navy has reversed its decision to remove the Gideon-placed Bibles from hotel rooms on its military bases. Source AFA.net.

Aug. 11, 2014. FFRF Victory! Bibles to be removed from Navy Lodges. Ffrf.org.

General MacArthur statue at Atsugi NAF where the General landed on the Japan Mainland August 30, 1945

Aug 11, 2014 – If you visit a hotel in the United State, odds are you’ll find a Bible in … for Religious Liberty, blasted the Navy for removing the Bibles. “This is just one more assault by military leaders against anything Christian,” Crews told me.” Source patheos.com.

Aug 12, 2014 – Gideon Bible The U.S. Navy has instructed housekeepers to remove Gideon- placed Bibles from every hotel room on its military bases. Source charismanews.com

Aug 12, 2014 – Military chaplains are calling for donated Bibles to be allowed in Navy lodges after an atheist group successfully lobbied to have them removed.  Source Dailycaller.com

[The missing Bibles gave rise to questions about  what happened? so the Navy had to come up with a response. Navy orders are as follows. ]

Dec. 11, 2014. FYI -On 11 Dec 14, the Executive Committee met at the Pentagon to discuss COA’s developed by the Working Group to determine the disposition of religious materials in Marine and Navy Lodges as well as Navy Gateway Inns & Suites. The Exec Committee is chaired by N46. Five COA’s were presented.

OPNAV has received some additional information regarding Senior Leadership’s potential response. We are on hold to provide a draft report.


Good Day ____

Thank you for the opportunity to reply to your Navy Gateway Inns & Suites comment card.  Department of Defense (DoD) has made no provision for the placement of Bibles in these temporary lodging facilities. NGIS complies with DoD temporary quarters/lodging facility guidance relating to the furnishing of rooms. The reason you did not find a Bible in an NGIS room is because they were not placed in the rooms in the first place.

All NGIS facilities feature free WiFi service, which enables patrons to access online versions of the Bible; as well as, most other sacred texts and religious resources. Any guest of NGIS who wishes to obtain a Bible may  contact the front desk. NGIS will assist the guest in contacting the local Command Religious Program which provides a wide range of religious materials, including the Holy Bible.

Some news outlets confused the Navy Lodge Program (operated by the Navy Exchange Command) with Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (Official Temporary Duty Lodging operated by Commander, Navy Installations Command). Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (NGIS) is an entirely separate lodging program from Navy Lodge, and did not participate or engage in the reported removal of Bibles from Navy Lodge guest rooms.


Please let me know if you have questions.   []ara *, CHA 2

Jan 7, 2015. From: *, Pa* CIV USN CNRJ

Sent: Wednesday, January 07,20158:17 AM


Subject: FW: NGIS Religious Materials 

Importance:  High 

Team, Please see []my’s comments below in regards to religious materials. We no longer need to send EVERY comment card to CNIC for response. Let me know if you have any questions.

v/r, Pam*

Jan. 7, 2015. —Original Message—-

•From: *, Tamara CIV CNIC HQ, N924

The Miracle of Tariffs

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Extract from Chapter 31 Perspective on Taxation by John CHoate

            Miracle is defined by Oxford as  surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. Or a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings welcome consequences. Or an amazing product or achievement, or an outstanding example of something.

            The Miracle Worker was a play and movie about a blind and deaf child, Helen Keller, who learned to communicate with the support of Annie Sullivan.  According to Family Search, Helen was the first deaf-blind college graduate, and is my 7th cousin twice removed.

            Tariffs perform economic miracles. Tariffs are excise taxes that foreign exporters pay for the privilege of trade and business in the American market.  Many of the foreign exporters are actually owned by American businesses than have off shored manufacturing and assembly, usually previously performed in the United States. But it is not enough to have less costly labor on foreign soil, other nations have an interest in acquiring monopolies over American industry, whether in drugs, cars, steel, clothes, paper, construction supplies, you can name it.

            If you have followed the MAGA President, he has explained how he used Tariffs to secure the Mexican border, revive the steel industry, save the auto industry, and more, without inflation, without sending in the Marines, and without economic wreckage, or even retaliation, avoiding the so called trade war. These were Miracles. Ok Political Miracles. 

            I recall seeing lots of headlines about ‘free trade’ [I suppose that was opposed to ‘slave trade’.] Who wouldn’t want free trade if that were the choice?  But the reality is that other nations heavily subsidize their exports to America to ruin American industries. Were you surprised to learn that during Covid it came out that 97 percent of all antibiotics in the United States came from China? [Department of Commerce study]. Is that a good business model?

How can a tax not be passed onto the consumer? How can it not increase the price? I’ll summarize a report by Congress when Congress considered an excess profits tax in the 1970s, which report explained how tariffs did not impact price as we might otherwise intuitively suppose. The reason is that in the international market, prices are exogenous to the United States.  Exogenous means relating or developing from external factors.  As Sellers or foreign exporters, bring products into the United States, they pay the tariff at customs, and the net selling price is less by the amount of the tariff.   Focus on the net  selling price, not the selling price. The seller nets less because of the tariff. The inability to shift the tax forward to the buyer, restores the cost of foreign subsidies which had previously been priced into the sale.  The price has to be competitive on the world market, to make any sales, but only tariffs are paid to the American treasury.

You might be familiar with an advertised price, let’s say for an hotel room, or a rent a car. As a  consumer, I want to know what I have to pay out of pocket cash, or put on my credit card, and which I will ultimately pay. I need to know how much cash I need to bring to the table.  Because taxes or fees, or parking charges, or tips, may be a quarter more than the quoted price, that is the amount I need, but such expenses are often not disclosed.   The same goes for a new car advertising  the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price, which is next to the picture of the car advertised.  But when you go to pay for the car, you learn that the MSRP may be for the stripped model, and does not include air conditioning, many of the accessories expected, which may have once been considered luxuries, but are now usual, automatic instead of stick, and state excise taxes and registration and tag, and insurance, and so forth.

Tariffs work the same way.  The price quoted to the consumer has to exclude the tariff or the consumer would go to another seller that was not paying tariffs.  When tariffs were laid on Chinese exports, China paid $12 figure tariffs to the United States.

Why would tariffs be opposed? Many of the exporters are owned by Americans, who want the best of both worlds of low cost labor in Asia or Central America, and high profit consumption in America.  This only works until Americans are left with personal consumption,  house keeping, landscaping, legal, dental and medical businesses.  Or the exporters are making less money. Or American industries like the cheaper imports, and don’t want to be troubled with the competition.  While America’s steel industry was being undercut for decades by dumped steel, the remaining cars being made in America used the dumped steel and profited off of cheap steel. When MAGA president moved to preserve a portion of the steel industry, the car makers objected.

Likewise, while the American newsprint industry was undercut by Canadian imports with 3 dozen subsidies and selling newsprint in America below the cost of production, the American newspapers bought the cheap newsprint until all American newsprint mills were run out of business, all the while complaining of decline of newspapers losing out to social media. Then when there were no competitors, Canada raised the price. One paper, editorializing against Trump putting tariffs on the newsprint import, complained about the cost rising 25% for the newsprint. But price rise was before the tariff was levied!  The hike was monopoly pricing. Go figure.

If you are still with me, read on, the issues before the Department of Commerce, Congress, or ITC.

Silver Certificate $5 Abraham Lincoln

Norpac anti-dumping tariff case. Newspaper coalition opposes ‘made in America’ newsprint.


By Zack Hale, The Daily News Published: March 19, 2018


North Pacific Paper Company (NORPAC), is an American owned and based newsprint wood miller in competition with Canadian mills. Norpac charged that Canadian papermakers dumped uncoated groundwood paper — newsprint —in the U.S. for between 23 and 55 percent below fair market value. Norpac’s Longview mill, with 300 workers, was one of just five mills left in the United States that made newsprint and is only one of two with U.S.-based ownership. Norpac petitioned for trade relief from the U.S. Department of Commerce. Commerce agreed that Canadian newsprint  sold for up to 22 percent less than fair value. Canadian provincial governments newsprint had 34 different subsidy programs ranging from cheap power deals to raw materials such as wood chips sold at below-market costs. Imports of uncoated groundwood paper, also used in book publishing and printing, was estimated at $1.27 billion in 2016. Canadian newsprint had about two-thirds of U.S. demand.

The News Media Alliance, coalition of 2,000 newspapers, media organizations, including The Daily News [reporting the dumping],  denounced the tariffs and warned that slapping tariffs on Canadian newsprint will threaten 600,000 jobs in the publishing industry. Norpac maintained that trade remedies are needed to level the playing field.

Norpac idled one of its paper mills citing unfair competition. As a result of its independent findings, Commerce will instruct customs officials to tariff from Canadian paper producers [of 22 to 30 percent] to import.

 “President Trump made it clear from the beginning that we will vigorously administer our trade laws to provide U.S. industry with relief from unfair trade practices,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Tuesday in a press release. 

 “Publishers and printers across the country are already feeling the negative consequences of a tighter newsprint market and higher prices,” said President and CEO David Chavern, forcing most newspapers to reduce page counts, cut days of distribution and move more information that appears in print to digital media.

    “Some small-market or rural newspapers, with slim margins, will close,” he said.   Chavern also noted that the American Forest and Paper Association, which represents the broader domestic paper industry, opposes Norpac’s petition.

The International Trade Commission also is investigating. Both Commerce and the ITC  must find that Canadian imports of uncoated groundwood paper materially injure domestic industry


OUR VIEW: Suspend tariffs on paper imports

Staff Writer, 2018 May 24. The Daytona Beach News-Journal

Although more people are getting their news online, the print medium still plays an important role in disseminating information and financing newsgathering operations.

Unfortunately, the cost of producing a newspaper has increased significantly this year because of tariffs imposed on Canadian newsprint by the U.S. government. It demands relief from Congress.

A single American manufacturer, North Pacific Paper Company (NORPAC), complained that Canadian companies were “dumping” newsprint in the United States at below-market prices. The U.S. Commerce Department began assessing anti-dumping duties of up to 32 percent on newsprint and some other paper products from Canada. 

The Trump administration should hit the pause button. Last week, Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, introduced a bill that would suspend tariffs on Canadian newsprint.

No other U.S. newsprint mills [Perspective – presumably all foreign owners, NORPAC was the only one left in operation] have supported the complaint by NORPAC nor the tariff. 

Indeed, two of the leading Canadian producers have a total of nearly 4,000 U.S. employees, 13 times the number NORPAC employs.

Meanwhile, the print industry, facing a sharp increase in a vital expense while struggling to maintain revenues in a competitive and fast-changing media landscape, must respond by lowering their number of pages, raising their prices, reducing news coverage, and/or cutting expenditures in other areas. 

The News-Journal’s newsprint costs have increased by 25 percent and are forecast to grow. Newsprint is our second-highest expense, trailing only salaries. In April, we increased the cost of our single-copy sales by $1 to offset the tariff. The Tampa Bay Times announced that it would be laying off 50 employees in order to accommodate $3 million in higher newsprint costs.

When you add up the toll, the newsprint tariff — as with most trade wars — may preserve a few jobs in one politically favored industry while causing a much larger net loss of jobs in other areas.

Some readers may ask: Why not use domestic paper? Because many U.S. paper companies have abandoned newsprint production in favor of products with higher profit margins. Imports are necessary to meet the newspaper industry’s needs. [Perspective. Canadian newsprint was sold below its Canadian cost to drive the American newsprint industry out of business.]

Although we oppose protectionist trade policies on principle, our position on newsprint might come across as self-serving. 

            As of August 29, 2018, the U.S. International Trade Commission blocked tariffs on imported newsprint, finding the last American producers of newsprint weren’t harmed by imports of Canadian paper Mills.[1]

            The newsprint tariff demonstrates trade disputes.  Foreign country ‘dumps’ product into the United State economy. Dumped means either it is priced in America below its price in the exporting country, or it is priced below cost of production. And American customers flock to buy cheaper product, which undersells the American product. The ‘dumped’ product is subsidized by the foreign nation. The American customer loves the cheap deal. Auto makers want ‘dumped’ steel to make cars cheaper, newspapers want ‘dumped’ newsprint to print editions, grocers want ‘dumped’ foreign beef, druggist and pharmaceuticals want ‘dumped’ medicines. The American producers, one by one, are priced out of the market, and leave. And so it goes. 

In the newsprint tariff dispute, the newsprint  cost had risen 25%, which the Tampa Bay Times associated with the tariff. But the price  rise, if any, was before the newsprint tariff, and was due to a combination of inflation and monopoly power of Canada.  Why? Because the tariff cannot be passed onto the consumer, not because of any restriction in law, but because of economics.  In international markets, where multiple nations compete with business, tariff costs must be absorbed by the exporter, who is unable to forward the cost onto the consumer. This is explained by the Congressional Research Service as follows, substituting newsprint for oil. 

Not shift the tax forward

The U.S. [newsprint] tariff increased the marginal or incremental cost of [newsprint]  subject to the tax — every  [ton]  of   [newsprint] produced cost more to produce by the amount of the tariff. However, in the case of   [newsprint], the higher marginal costs are not shifted as higher cost [newsprint], because, [newsprint] being priced in the international (world) [newsprint] market — [newsprint] prices are exogenous to the U.S. (the U.S. is a price taker, rather than a price setter).    [newsprint] producers could not shift the tax forward to the American newspaper as a higher   [newsprint] selling price, because the purchaser would merely substitute non [Canadian], or American, or tax-exempt [newsprint]. Instead, the   [newsprint] tariff reduces the net selling price paid by consuming [newspapers] or [book binders]. The   [newsprint] exporter pays the tariff at customs — the exporters’ net selling price of each  [ton]  of [newsprint] was less by the amount of the tariff.  Focus on ‘net’ not selling price. The exporter nets less because of the tariff. This inability to shift the tax forward implies that the entire effect of the tax is to reduce   [newsprint] production and supply, by restoring the costs of the provincial subsidies which had previously been priced into the sale. In other words, U.S. [newsprint] production is restored, to some degree, to the competitive status against   imports without subsidies.  To maintain market share, the foreign country, [Canada,] will pay the tariff, and is unable to pass it onto the American consumer, the newspaper industry.

 But, as [newsprint] imports to the United States are now the major part, the difference between combined demand for [newsprint] and combined domestic [newsprint] supply, the effect is an increase in the demand for American [newsprint]. Another way of stating this point is that imported   [newsprint] is the marginal source of [newsprint] — whenever an extra  [ton]  of [newsprint] is needed to meet an increase in demand, it is imported or America made. Any condition or factor which either reduces American domestic supply (such as higher industry taxes) or which increases the aggregate  demand for [newsprint] (such as higher national income) will increase [newsprint] imports.

As further proof that the tariffs are paid by the exporting country, when tariffs were laid on the Chinese exports, China paid annual $ 12 figure tariffs to the United States.  Tariffs on ‘dumped’ imports do not raise the price of the imports to the consumer. If you can’t accept that, read the Congressional Research Service Report on Tariffs, cited in the next paragraph.

Exogenous means relating or developing from external factors.

Tariff – excise tax. Compare The Crude Oil Windfall Profit Tax of the 1980s: Implications for Current Energy Policy. 2006, CRS Congressional Research Service Report for Congress.

 “Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests seeking access to transcripts and to “de-designate” portions of the record improperly designated as confidential.” [n]othing in this order shall abridge the right of any person to seek judicial review or to pursue other appropriate judicial action with respect to any ruling made by [the Commission]’ requiring him to proceed through affidavit alone violates due process. “longstanding bright-line rule” is that “only parties can appeal an adverse underlying order or judgment”)  Sidak v. United States Int’l Trade Comm’n, 1:23-cv-00325 (TNM), 4-5 (D.D.C. May. 5, 2023) . 

[1] https://neal.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=465

The Trump Jump

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By Wayne Wickizer, Columnist, Original post here

The following report was published in 2022. Trump in 2024 is still crowing about
pushing out the Death Jab at
Warp[ed] Speed.


Parts and people may soon be flying off Trump’s campaign plane faster than a Boeing 737 in a suicide dive.  Trump’s most serious blunder included championing the rogue US Military’s “Operation Warp[ed] Speed” vax-to-the-max bullshit.  Then he proclaimed his handiwork as “one of the greatest achievements of mankind“.

Trump continues to compound his phenomenal failure by giving himself a high-5 for toxic shots (aka “vaccines”) that were derived from, and tested using, aborted fetal cells

For the time being, sensationalist-extraordinaire Alex Jones publicly blasted Donald Trump for again taking credit for accelerating the experimental “COVID-19” toxic shots (aka “vaccines”).  A long-faced Jones threatened to go on a political “warpath” in opposition to Trump.  Note that Jones has a colorful history of falling in-and-out of love with Trump (examples 1234, and 5).

This latest round of clownery started during Joe Biden’s rambling March 7 “State of the [Dis-]Union” address.  Biden babbled forth

The pandemic no longer controls our lives.  The vaccines that saved us from COVID are now being used to help beat cancer, turning setback into comeback.

Trump, preparing for his third general election since 2016, quickly claimed credit for the “vaccine” being so rapidly developed and distributed to the public, proclaiming (i.e. bragging)…


Alex Jones responded,

If I see any more of this from Trump, any more of this, I’m going to have to go on the warpath.  I just cannot take this….

Here is more of Jones’ response to Trump’s FUBAR:


Tom Renz, another one of Trump’s staunchest supporters and advocates, went on an even longer attack.  In summary, he shared,

President Trump – Can You PLEASE Stop Promoting the Poisons Your Base Hates!

See Renz’s meandering, schizophrenic attack-Trump, but love-Trump video below.


As an update, Dr. Andrew McCullough is also calling out Trump for being ‘willfully blind’ to vaccine injuries and deaths.  McCullough stated:

Our two major presidential candidates are the same on this issue. They are completely, willfully blind to what’s happened to Americans.  They’re focused on other issues outside of the health, the welfare, and actually the survival of their own people.  The same is true worldwide.

It [vaccine deaths] are grossly underreported, probably thirty to one.  That means the total number of Americans who likely have passed away of the vaccine is about 550,000.


It’s beyond time to hold The Don fully accountable for his PAST, present, and now even more dubious and debatable future.  After sleeping with dogs such as THESE, there’s no way to ever quietly shed his fleas.   

Trump is the self-proclaimed “father of the [COVID] Vaccine” and finisher of arguably the worst medical debacle and machiavellian experiment in human history.

Millions of Men, Women, & Children
are Maimed, Dying, or Dead

OpenVAERS.com, which summarizes data from VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System  co-managed by the CDC and FDA), reveals that 1,630,913 COVID-19 “vaccine” “adverse reactions” have been reported.

It is estimated that VAERS reports typically account for only 1% of the total “adverse reactions.”

What does that mean?  More than 163 MILLION PEOPLE could have already suffered adverse reactions to the COVID-19 toxic shots and many more will undoubtedly follow.

Only a courageous few spoke out against these crimes against humanity.  Quoting from Ben Bartee, author of Broken English Teacher: Notes From Exile, take another look at Trump’s terrifyingly tenacious attempt to self-destruct … self-implode … self-immolate … and dive straight into the dirt.

Trump labeled Biden’s entire speech as “the Angriest, Least Compassionate, and Worst State of the Union Speech ever made,” calling it “an Embarrassment to our Country!”

He (Trump) also took umbrage with Biden taking credit for ending the pandemic, while using the president’s (Biden’s)  exact words.

“‘The Pandemic no longer controls our lives. The Vaccines that saved us from COVID are now being used to help beat Cancer – Turning setback into comeback!’ (From Trump) YOU’RE WELCOME, JOE, NINE MONTH APPROVAL TIME VS. 12 YEARS THAT IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN YOU!” Trump wrote (bragged)  in his Truth Social post on Thursday that has been liked more than 22,000 times.”  That’s a lot of ignorant bullshit packed tight into a single paragraph:

· The “pandemic” never “controlled our lives.” The social, economic, and psychological costs were imposed by legal fiat and corporate state media terror campaigns.

· Where did the exploding cancer rates that now allegedly require COVID shots to fix come from, Trump?

· Vaccines require 10-15 years of development because they kill people en masse when they’re rushed through in nine months in the back of said corporate state media terror campaigns and a society held hostage by the government

People sometimes bristle at my refusal to full-throatedly embrace Trump without reservation. But this kind of ignorant, prideful tripe is why.

Is he markedly better than Biden — and, more importantly, are the people he’s likely to surround himself with, on balance, better than those around the Brandon entity? Yes.

But Trump is not anyone’s savior; I’m not in the business of blindly propping up politicians in the hopes that they’ll serve as the second coming of Jesus.

Here’s a modest proposal: I’ll relentlessly shill for Trump with no qualifications once he ceases bragging about his complicity in the greatest crime in human history.

Or is that too high of a bar for the former president to clear?”

You Can’t Have it Both Ways

Trump’s incessant touting of “Operation Warp[ed] Speed“ is a monumental fly-by-night disaster of his own sloppy, corrupt making.  Many of his otherwise ardent supporters will scramble to isolate and quarantine themselves from the fray.

Excuses, when given, will predictably range from “playing 4-D Chess“, to buying time against threats to his life by Big Pharma, to his “Qult” of Personality [Disorder].  Anything to distract and distort attention from the murder and mayhem perpetrated by Trump et al during the insane COVID MANDEMIC Madness.  

Truth be told, the COVID psychological operation never ended.  The US Military’s “Operation Warp[ed] Speed” is still in full effect.

Their occult rituals of wearing biohazardous face diapers, obsequiously begging our masters for permission to live and associate, forcing toxic shotsad nausea, have been replaced with a national HUMILIATION RITUAL performed by two phenomenal ass-clowns: Trump and Biden.  

The notion that America should be “governed” by either of these serial sociopaths is preposterous.  The globalist communists manipulating them are using both con artists to humiliate, degrade, and abuse us all.

As a Nation, we tend to prattle on pridefully about the separate, but equal, powers in our 3 branches of government and how they operate, integrate, and balance their respective duties and responsibilities to the people.

What a sick joke.  They, the 3 branches, are all broken beyond restitution, repair, and recovery.  They are broken by the current crop of grifting, lying CEOs, lobbyists, and career politicians who have squandered, most recently and notably, ~$5 Trillion via the [Who] Cares Act “COVID Relief” criminal racketeering funds.

As we wrote previously,

The Corona Virus MANDEMIC hoax spawned the infamous “Cares Act.” The “Cares Act” raided the U.S. Treasury to the tune of ~$5trillion.  I believe this hoax has launched the single most sinister Financial Fraud including Social, Cultural, and Spiritual Disaster in the history of our Nation and perhaps the World all-the-while “grifting” the money into endless, bottomless schemes and scams. 

A “HUSH” has descended all around the fraud like a dark, dank fog over a steaming, festering, open cesspool.  It is “HUSH money,” “Hush this and that,” and “HUSH don’t tell or we will all be in trouble.”  Yes, this hoax has birthed an almost perfect crime.  It is an “AC/DC crime” with victims and perpetrators indistinguishable one from the other.

news reporter asleep on the job

The pretended 4th Estate, or Main Stream Media, are addictively beholden to the same globalist-communist cartel.  These corporate whores, or “presstitutes,” asleep at the switch, will regurgitate anything and everything woke, no matter how insane or inane. 

Whatever power remains in the 4th Estate is inextricably intertwined with, and diluted by, partisan politics and the Deep State’s priorities and objectives.  Even with the data and facts of fraud and crime in hand, the truth is purposefully buried.

Grassroots Journalism: The 5th Estate

In the last Decade or so a 5th Estate has begun to evolve: a journalism of the people, by the people, and for the people.  This tenacious effort is washing across the Nation like a fresh Spring rain.  This new, lively, credible, journalism operates unconventionally from home office desktops, backrooms, on-the-move with notepads, cell phones, shortwave radios, and other possible means of conveyance and communication.

It worked in 1776 and is alive again in 2024.  This 5th Estate often becomes raucous, ribald, rebellious, and nasty.  However, millions are beginning to Stop, Look, and Listen.

Our purpose and strategy at Justice4All embraces this new journalism as a tool for resisting tyrannical power.

“Our strategy should be not only to confront empire but to lay siege to it.  To deprive it of oxygen.  To shame it.  To mock it.  With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness – and our ability to tell our own stories.  Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe.” — Arundhati Roy

We’ve written extensively and published endlessly about those who subvert the Rule of Law and Good Governance.  We best characterized them as “Goodfellas.”  Included in our description is the following:

“The Goodfellas have infiltrated, permeated, and presumed the right to manipulate every aspect of business, military, industry, finance, education, entertainment, law, and religion.  And … as a result of their control over financing our election processes and our own history of slavish submission, We the People are relegated to choosing between the horrible and the despicable at the ballot box.”


In other words, Goodfellas are a gaggle of pompous little pricks who possess too much power and prestige. 

As we contemplate whether to participate in this grotesque charade via bouncing ballot boxes, galloping mules, and a [s]election process that cannot possibly bear even half-decent, credible fruit, we should not lose perspective.

What we accomplish by ourselves and for others with the time we have left … today … in this moment … is vastly more important to the future than an immersion in, and addiction to, the perpetual political processes and scrambled flotsam this unsustainable system has dumped on the Republic and on us.

While the Deep State’s 4th Estate of yesterday has been playing “Whack a Mole”
with the truth …
… the new 5th Estate will be running with the truth to welcome a new today!

Inside WashCo Politicks – Tactics & Plans – The Hidden Agenda

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By Ed Wallace, Publisher and WashCo Delegate – March 25, 2024

The following is an extensive compilation of information that comes from sources within the Washington County Republican Party, various government employees, and private citizens deeply involved in county politics. In order to protect these Patriots from retaliation, I am withholding their identities. As for me, my desire to remain informed is at odds with my desire to remain sane. I will add my commentary at the end of this article. 

A GOP Delegate explains the Ipson effect.

The establishment group like to stay in their own tight-knit bundle of power. This was evident to anyone at the WashCo Republican Convention last Friday who was paying attention. 

Imagine being a newer representative like Neil Walter, Colin Jack and Joe Elison. They HAD to vote for Ipson….or their bills would never have an easy time making them through the senate.  

Ipson is a bully…  a mean one, everyone knows this. It didn’t matter if Ipson won or lost at the convention. Delegate votes are online forever for anyone to see. Ipson would see that they didn’t vote for him and he would make sure their projects suffered or died, or at least try to make that happen. Even if he doesn’t get reelected, Ipson has enough buddies in the Senate to go after those Reps who voted against him and make their bills die one way or another. The Reps had to vote Ipson…  it’s a matter of survival.

Ipson is not a nice person and is doing all he can to discredit opponents. His people sent out a link to the Dr. Phil Show last week where one of his opponents, Cory Green, was a guest on the show. Honestly, it was a 2-man race between Bennion and Ipson.  Why drag Cory Green into the mix?

Ipson sat on a ramp by the stage at the convention facing the audience maybe to show the delegates that he is watching them. It seemed that he eyeballing them to intimidate them. Imagine if you work for the sheriff’s department and you vote against Ipson. Ipson calls Sheriff Brooksby and demands that the employee gets some type of write up or gives him/her a hard time. What if any county employee, who is a delegate, voted against Ipson? Ipson sees that the county employee voted against him and calls one of the county commissioners to demand that they find a way to intimidate them or somehow punish them. The county has many employees. If they are delegates, they HAD to vote for Ipson.

It is no secret that County Commissioners Gil Almquist and Victor Iverson were really upset with Ipson recently for voting to fund the new stadiums in Salt Lake. But look, all 3 commissioners voted for Don Ipson at the convention. They HAD to vote for him.

Many delegates noticed and laughed about Ipson’s booth at the convention at Hurricane High School. He brought in a big wooden “Dixie” for the backdrop of his booth.  Hilarious. The guy who literally made sure the history and heritage of Dixie State was destroyed and then suddenly he loves Dixie? Voters are not blind. Ipson did not do anything to save the Dixie name except voting last to keep the name. Delegates knew the truth which was reflect by their votes. 

Related Article: A Frail Don Ipson Forced to Primary – Time to Retire? 

Rep. Walt Brooks has his own plan.

At the convention, candidates have the option of having other people speak on their behalf during the 3 minutes where they are allowed to speak to delegates prior to voting. Ipson’s campaign handlers were smart enough to keep him away from the microphone for over 2 of the 3 minutes. Ipson has always had difficulty with speaking in public and expressing his thoughts, so this was a smart and calculated move. They selected Rep. Walt Brooks to speak on Ipson’s behalf. 

Brooks is a longtime member of the House who wants to move up to the Senate when Ipson steps down, this has been the plan for quite some time. Word moving through delegate conversations before and during the convention was the rumor that the establishment group will get Ipson voted-in during this election cycle. Their plans are to have Ipson serve for a couple of years, then Ipson will step down early to have Brooks appointed to fill the Senate seat with no election required. That leaves an opening in the House when Brooks leaves. Then it’s easy for the establishment to appoint their person to fill the House seat, again without an election. 

Down the Road

The frontrunner to fill Brooks’ seat is newly-elected St. George City Councilman, Steve Kemp. Kemp ran an unsuccessful campaign to get a House seat a few years ago.  Another name being tossed around to get that vacant House seat is Don Ipson’s son, Danny. Danny is a baseball coach at Dixie High School and works for the company his dad founded, DATS Trucking. Danny was put in place as a member of the Dixie State Name Recommendation Committee. That committee voted to change the Dixie Name to Utah Tech. He was then named as a member of the Board of Trustees at Dixie State University/Utah Tech. That Board voted unanimously to change the Dixie State name to Utah Tech. Next, Danny Ipson was appointed by Governor Cox to become a member of the Higher-Ed Board for the State of Utah. It’s no secret that Don Ipson is one of Cox’s greatest supporters.

But, the Best Laid Plans….

The establishment’s plan to fill legislative seats will be disrupted if Chad Bennion is elected this year to take Ipson’s seat in the Senate. Brooks will be stuck in his House seat. Bennion is the frontrunner and easily won the top spot at the convention. Because of Bennion’s 6-year stint in the House, his bid to take the Senate seat away from Ipson seems possible if the voters become educated and fail to support Ipson.  

Ipson has never had a credible opponent during all of his years in the legislature. In 16 years, Ipson hasn’t been involved in a campaign to promote himself. Ipson’s poor voting record shows his non-conservative values. He is a firm supporter of Cox. It’s a difficult task if Ipson tries to promote his so-called conservative values. But, most of our Utah RINOS know that conservatives are the dominating factor in elections because that’s who Utah is. All a politician has to do is wave the magic wand and say “I’m a Conservative”, and poof, they’re elected.   

This is a golden opportunity for District 29 in Washington County to elect Bennion who is a true conservative. The votes are not listed publicly in a primary or general election.  

Ipson can’t bully those who voted for Bennion because he won’t know who didn’t support him. His power over all of the voters is now gone. 

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Ed’s Note: 

For the past several decades, the motive of a politician advancing their influence by running for political office has absolutely nothing to do with representing the interests of WashCo citizens.. NOTHING. Their interests are to engage within the business of politics, while presenting themselves as qualified actors to retain the premise of political service. The business of buying, selling and controlling policy, is the core operation of people within our political system.

Since 1970, the Growth/Promotion Machine and Tourist Industry (GPMTI), has had a monopoly on the major decision-making here in the St. George-Metro area — being the real power brokers, and sort of a “mutual admiration society.

“Instead of a “Protectorate,” land speculators, money-changers and promoters began having visions of dollars dancing in their heads and priorities changed to that of exploit rather than protect…. The common good has almost always been of secondary consideration to worshiping the false idols of money, prestige and notoriety.”

It is really sad to see what is happening in so many towns across our country. The manipulating, the lying, the cheating, the secret deals behind closed doors, the harassing of the folks who do stand up, by the growth industry: developers, builders, banks, realtors, title companies, appraisers, home inspectors, etc., and the hospitality/tourism industry: lodging, restaurants, events, etc., and the multiple annual marathons, triathlons, senior games, etc., the High density housing…  Hence, the continual drive to bring people here to spend money, make them comfortable, and eventually live here. Water and traffic be damned. Get all they can, while they can.  Build and destroy….emulating failed states. Zero common-sense. Zero regard for anyone or anything beyond their own lust for power and money.

The past two generations has grown up under socialism’s influence so completely that we don’t even know when we are thinking socialism. Yet, it’s all around us, on every level of government. Even here in WashCo. These are the people and entities that are making  huge profits on the backs of the peons of WashCo. Who is paying for the acquisition costs for all their new business? YOU ARE. That’s crony socialism, in it’s purest sense.  

The overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence coming forth leads me to believe that there is a strong indication of maladministration, malfeasance, and possible criminal activity that violates the federal RICO statute. 

You, our elected officials, you know who you are, and most people reading this know who you are. We have been living in this establishment Oligarchy for decades.

We “MUST” understand that these are entrenched, generational, self-entitled criminals and their felonious behavior will not just stop, like all criminals, they will have to be stopped. Public service is the last thing on their minds. 

The ones who are evil and live in lies are desperate. They are being forced to hug their lies harder and harder. They are stuck on this path and are beyond the point of no return. As they do, they are being exposed and have nowhere to hide. These people have no moral compass other than their own ego and power. All I see is arrogance and a holier than thou attitude, empty vessels standing in their own light.

There is little doubt our Republic is in trouble, and I have been despondent about this fact. However, I’m beginning to crawl out of that hole, seeing increasingly my brethren wake up from their deep slumber and realize that, yes, in fact, we are in trouble, and we collectively need to tend to the problem and fix things. We can do this, but it is us, WE, THE PEOPLE, who must do the job. Relying upon someone else is a fool’s errand.

As history has so eloquently outlined for millennia, there are more of us than them – they just control the institutions. The awakening continues, and the apoplexy created in the minds of our opposition has caused them to become increasingly visible. Pretenses are being dropped quickly.

Perhaps, oddly, despite my intense anger toward these creatures of corruption, I fear not for the final outcome. I fully accept that a righteous and loving God has favor upon the righteous and there is a protection around us. It is a feeling, a sense about things, that is difficult to explain beyond, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.”

I believe God’s forces are passing over all of us. Things seem different, maybe unbalanced, but changes are happening. Get right with God and live your best life. And, if all you have the energy for is to help your family do the same, Do that!

As in Poland’s Solidarity movement, “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only option”

Just remember, we who are good and live in the truth are going to be ok.

The Lord said that he “holds men accountable for their acts in relation” to governments “both in making laws and administering them.” 

What has been done to our culture, our society, our Constitution, is an abomination before God. Many of our leaders are mocking the Lord and the government that He created for His purposes and the purpose of Liberty.

I would not like to anywhere near any of those blasphemous people when they stand before the Judgement Bar. 

I’d rather be sucking crumbs off of Stalin’s mustache

Enjoy the show!

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