By Ed Wallace, Publisher June 14, 2024

Ed’s note: Well, this is embarrassing but some say there’s a first time for everything. Information has come to my attention that forces me to pull USN’s endorsement for Trent Staggs. Instead, I am endorsing Jason Walton. He is an “exceptionally fine human being.” Walton has had amazing but difficult life experiences. Staggs is a wayward child in comparison.

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If Trent Staggs is as corrupt as some of us think he is,  it will be quite a shock to all his many followers that have literally swooned over him.

But they need to know, including all his big name endorsers..  Charlie Kirk, Matt Gaetz, Rand Paul, Tuberville, President Trump, and several more, that he is not Constitutionally or UTGOP Platform minded. Instead, many of his statements are textbook examples of fascism and socialism.  

Staggs has a huge following because he started last June, way before anyone else jumped in, and he won handily at Convention. He collected multiple endorsements from high profile Congressmen probably because they were so thrilled to have someone run against Mitt Romney (he started very early before Romney announced he would not be running again), However, many of us were/are concerned that his endorsers obviously did not vet all the other 9 candidates to make sure he was worth endorsing and was the BEST candidate.   

Staggs speaks in platitudes, never deep, but knows the right thing to say except at the debate on Monday where he couldn’t say anything on the question about HealthCare, he just passed, which was very unusual.  

He has a failed trail of several business attempts,  including bankruptcy.  Look up his company Vivakor that went from $14 per share down to $1 while he was there. 

Also, he has not been truthful about his early actions during the pandemic, (masking and mandates) nor his lack of support for Trump until later. Many feel that he is after fame and power, and can be bought.  Mitt Romney has endorsed him in past races and he has apparently endorsed Mitt  Romney.  He knows Mitt’s endorsement would hurt him in this race. 

Here’s some public info about Staggs that a lot of people are overlooking:


In October of 2020, after Romeny had voted to impeach Donald Trump, Staggs pushed out an endorsement in which he thanked Sen. Romney for his service and the heavy burden he carries in “a time of divisive, partisan politics”


On his website for SL County Mayor in the fall of 2020. he advocated for “Universal and Repeat Testing” COVID-19 Response & Protecting Public Health

“In Salt Lake County we have already achieved 90% – 96% compliance with mask wearing. Despite this, case counts and hospital bed use is rising….First and foremost, we need universal and repeat testing for every resident. Other countries, such as South Korea, who have case counts much lower than ours, have proven that this is the most effective way to find those who are spreading the virus and prevent them from doing so. This approach is effective because we are able to quickly find and isolate exactly where coronavirus is in our community. When one is found positive, they quarantine and no longer interact with the public where they could spread the virus. This allows us to actively take live COVID-19 pathogens out of our community everyday. This is not something we are currently doing…. Providing universal and repeat testing has been my position since March when the outbreak began. 

 He wrote an Op Ed in the Salt Lake Tribune titled  We need universal and repeat testing to stop COVID-19  

When confronted with this fact by U.S. Senate (link here) candidate Carolyn Phippen at a forum in Weber County, the Standard Examiner reported that he vehemently lied about the fact, despite having not just supported the policy, but written an Op Ed about it.


On his website in 2020, in the same section as above, he also hyperlinked to an article citing South Korea as our example of the most effective way to combat covid. What’s Behind South Korea’s COVID-19 Exceptionalism?

“Seven weeks ago, South Korea and the U.S. had the same number of virus deaths. Today, South Korea has fewer than 300, and the U.S. has more than 70,000.”

In an interview with Glenn Mills ( on October 9th, 2020 at the 3:35 time stamp he calls these measures in South Korea “best practices” without reservation or qualification. Measures that include:

 1 Churches being forced to turn over their membership records to the government.

 2 Mandatory quarantine orders for all members of the church.

 3 Cellphone tracking of individuals and mandatory quarantining enforced by more cellphone tracking

 4 A full outline of South Korea’s invasive tracking and quarantining policies are outlined in this article from Science Direct (link here)

Staggs linked to one excerpt in the article above explaining how the cellphone tracking and quarantining and called “best practices.”   


In this same October 9th interview with Glenn Mills, at the 5:41 time stamp (clip also attached) Staggs is asked three times if he would stand by a mask mandate and refused to say “no” and instead answered the question by saying “masks are great, I think they really do protect the public health”

 When pressed again “So yes or no, mask mandate” he responded that we need more testing and again avoided the question.

Pressed a third time, Glenn Mills says “Okay, so you think people should wear a mask, but you would not impose a mandate” to which Staggs says he would have “worked much more collaboratively with city mayors” and again avoids the question.

At that point Glenn gives up and says they need to move on.

In a “Mayor’s Minute” video published by the City of South Jordan (where he is serving as Mayor) he dedicated the entire video to the importance of masking while being masked himself.


During the race for Salt Lake County Mayor, Staggs took up the typical litany of liberal issues. Here is a comprehensive list of topics on the “Issues” page of his website at the time:

 1 “Improving Utah’s Air Quality”Air Quality in Utah | Trent Staggs for Salt Lake County Mayor   We need an initiative to move thousands of jobs from the corporate office to the home office. By the end of my first term, a majority of all eligible county employees will telework.  

2 Investing in energy efficient buildings

3 Increased bus routes

4 Expanding public transit all over the county

 5 “COVID 19 and Public Health”

 6 “Taxes and Spending”

 7 “Education”

 8 “Traffic and Congestion” …”With more cars on the road, we must ensure that traffic and congestion does not increase.” ????? Traffic & Congestion in Utah | Trent Staggs for Salt Lake County Mayor  including 

 9 Creating low fare bus passes…”The number one barrier to increasing ridership of public transportation is convenience…. We need to increase the availability of public transportation to increase ridership and take cars off the road.” (Now our DOT is looking at helicopter rides for commuters)

 9a Finish critical infrastructure … if we build more roads, there will be less traffic.

10 “Our Economic Recovery”

11 “Criminal Justice Reformation”

12 “Inclusivity”

Follow the links for a better understanding if you have the stomach for it. I’ve seen enough.