During yesterday’s Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee hearing, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul took the opportunity to confront the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) and FBI with the recent history of their activity.

As noted by Senator Paul, the past several years exhibits clear and irrefutable evidence of the DHS and FBI working collaboratively to conduct surveillance on American citizens, while simultaneously violating the first amendment by coordinating with big tech social media companies on censorship.  WATCH:

You know things have collapsed into an unserious candidacy when this is the predominate conversation about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.  However, it is a little more than just ordinarily funny; it’s factually well-deserved snark.

The issue of Ron DeSantis wearing weird boots and lifts, to give himself the illusion of greater physical stature, has been building over time on various internet discussion formats.  Yesterday, podcaster Patrick Bet-David took the issue directly to the source.  The discomfort on DeSantis’ face was clear and palpable – even as he claims he is 5′ 11″ at the end of the clip.  WATCH:

Everything Rand Paul says in that statement is factually correct.  However, highlighting just how the game of pretending is conducted in DC, at the end of hearing Senator Rand Paul -joined by Senator Lindsey Graham- voted to approve Jack Lew as Joe Biden’s ambassador to Israel.   Quite a shift in ideological priority considering that Jack Lew was the primary cover-up official responsible for protecting Obama from exposure to the IRS targeting operation against conservatives.

Additionally, prior to his job as Treasury Secretary, and prior to his position as President Obama’s Chief of Staff, and prior to him being Obama’s Budget Director (comical considering Obama never had a budget) Jack Lew served as State Department Director under Hillary Clinton.    It was Lew’s influence that shaped and positioned the failed Obama/Clinton foreign policy toward the Middle East.   Specifically, toward Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya during their upheaval, the Arab Spring.   How did that work out for our interests?

For those who believe the bankers control everything, Jack Lew is a case study.

President Obama’s first chief of staff was Rahm Emanuel, he sat on the board of troubled federal mortgage giant Freddie Mac.  Obama’s second CoS was Bill Daley, a previous top executive at financial firm J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.   Next came Jack Lew.

From 2006-2008, Jack Lew was chief operating officer of Citibank’s alternative investments division. And it was his division that made billions of dollars betting “U.S. homeowners would not be able to make their mortgage payments.”

Lew  made millions at Citi, including a bonus of nearly $950,000 in 2009 just  a few months after the bank received billions of dollars in a taxpayer  rescue, according to disclosure forms filed with the federal government.    Jack Lew was CEO of Citibank’s hedge fund of “credit default swaps“,  the financial tool that devastated the housing equity market and created the subsequent economic collapse.

Notice the pattern?

I digress…

Hey, at least Senator Paul can talk eloquently about the constitutional protections being usurped in real time.   Doing something about it, not so much.

Politico even did a forensic and expert analysis using three experts in shoes, boots and lifts [READ HERE].  Seriously, it’s their #1 most read article. lolol 😂  The determination by the experts is that Ron DeSantis DOES wear lifts.  Everything about this story is hilarious and has become viral internet meme fuel. Unfortunately, once the meme momentum gains this level of popularity, it sticks.My sincere apologies in advance, but I must confess to my nonstop laughter.

No candidate has spent more time in Iowa and visited more locations than Ron DeSantis. Simultaneously, as the people of Iowa get to know him, his support drops. You might remember me pointing out this predictable dynamic last year.

The more people spend time with DeSantis, the less they like him.   That leaves an opening for Nikki Haley, and she has capitalized.

Now, Nikki is just as unlikeable as Ron, perhaps even more so; however, the people around Nikki know she is horrible, and they manage her to hide it. If they keep Nikki Haley out of the public eye, she will quickly pass Ron DeSantis everywhere.  Watch, this is what they will do.

During the opening segment of an interview with Obama “wingman” Eric Holder, the former attorney general admitted there is no likely scenario where DC Judge Tanya Chutkan would jail President Trump for violating a transparently motivated gag order.

Then again, this is Lawfare not necessarily any constitutional application of law.  The entire case is a manipulated interpretation of arcane law, twisted and manipulated to give the appearance of a law being broken simply by protesting the results of a transparently fraudulent election.

Professional Butt Covering – FBI Director Chris Wray Predicts Domestic and/or Foreign Inspired Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil

The only people who deny financial corruption in Ukraine are those who benefit from it.  That group includes U.S. politicians who gleefully send billions of taxpayer funds into the country of Ukraine while capturing returns in the process.

During a lengthy Time Magazine article, one of the close and key advisors to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy admitted that the corrupt stealing of US funds is widespread.   In addition to the theft, the overall tone of the Time Magazine article paints the war effort in Ukraine, what we have always called ‘World War Reddit’ for its mostly theatrical value, as a lost cause.  This is not surprising; however, for Time Mag to make such an admission, that does indicate a narrative shift in the overal

Time Magazine, a far-left ideological ally of the Biden regime, is publishing this at the same time that Congress is debating another request for billions more dollars in Ukraine aid.   The timing here would indicate a substantive shift in position for the leftist media.   Perhaps they are starting to realize, the bloom is off the ruse.


“Archives locates 82,000 pages of Joe Biden pseudonym emails, possibly dwarfing Clinton scandal”

Biden used a pseudonym are uncovered: Court filing reveals then-VP’s staggering use of three fake names to communicate in private

‘Robert L. Peters,’ ‘Robin Ware,’ and ‘JRB ware’ were pseudonyms used by Joe on emails while he was vice president. The staggering figure was disclosed by the National Archives in a court filing Monday. Republicans are also seeking records revealing Joe Biden ‘s use of pseudonyms to discuss his activities related to Ukraine with his son Hunter


Good explanation of the recent history (since 1947) of the “Palestine” territory

The Palestine Myth

With Israel’s full-blown ground incursion into Gaza still looming, it’s time to go over The Palestine Myth again, i.e. just about everything your left-wing types spew about how Israel “dismembered Palestine” is wrong.

Biden Issues Government’s First-Ever Artificial Intelligence Executive Order To ‘Support Workers, Combat Discrimination’


“AI policy is like running into a decathlon, and there’s 10 different events here.”

“And we don’t have the luxury of just picking ‘we’re just going to do safety’ or ‘we’re just going to do equity’ or ‘we’re just going to do privacy.’ You have to do all of these things,” the official said.

The stench of “1984” is overwhelming.

Russian-Speaking Hacking Group Hacks U.S. Federal Systems, Gains Access to Over 600,000 Emails from Departments of Defense and Justice in Massive Cyber Attack

Texas has a statewide group (True Texas Project) which has been impacting local governments in a big way. Satellite groups throughout the State, from the Valley to Amarillo. Very solid, grounded, and determined group.TTP is very effective because they have the numbers and getting more all the time. Their model works. They have satellite groups all over Texas. When they speak as a unit, legislators listen….because of the numbers involved.

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson: The Whole Covid Debacle Was “All Pre-Planned By An Elite Group Of People”

Excellent Article on the Ken Paxton witch-hunt. Thank you God for opening the eyes of the Senators that acquitted him of all charges.

Texas’ Failed Impeachment Of Ken Paxton Offers A Glimpse Into The GOP’s Intra-Party Feuds

“What have we learned from the Paxton impeachment? The Trump-inspired animus of establishment “moderates” (or RINOs) toward conservatives is stronger than ever, the woke business community is hostile to the grassroots, and tort reform groups — once a reliable Republican bulwark — are now mercenaries pursuing their own path to power. And also this: In Texas, conservatives still rule the GOP.”


Former Director of the DIA, General Mike Flynn, blatantly states that some of our legislators are compromised by globalist actors, due to their trips overseas where they “sleep with children”…

DC politicians are on Epstein’s client list.

Video linked in tweet…

The O’Biden Administration just officially declared WW3. I don’t think people understand that Biden has issued the Declaration of War as per the War Powers Act. He did not do that in Ukraine. We ARE AT WAR RIGHT NOW, and Biden has inserted American troops. Congress has 60 days to approve it or he must withdraw. I predict Hamas attacks in America begin within by Thanksgiving and escalate to Christmas to pressure Congress to authorize it. I predict that MILLION-OR-SO of fighting age single men have been strategically placed (as Michael Yon uncovered) in major cities in the United States, and I believe the terrorist attacks on American cities that are about to begin will be horrendous. Remember, when it happens, it has all been brought to you by the O’Biden Administration, which has always hated America as founded.

U.S. Quietly Expands Secret Military Base in Israel

Government documents pointing to construction at a classified U.S. base offer rare hints about a little noted U.S. military presence near Gaza.

Two months before Hamas attacked Israel, the Pentagon awarded a multimillion-dollar contract to build U.S. troop facilities for a secret base it maintains deep within Israel’s Negev desert, just 20 miles from Gaza. Code-named “Site 512,” the longstanding U.S. base is a radar facility that monitors the skies for missile attacks on Israel. 

On October 7, however, when thousands of Hamas rockets were launched, Site 512 saw nothing — because it is focused on Iran, more than 700 miles away.

I call BS. Of course the US saw what was happening 20 miles away in Gaza when Hamas attacked Israel on 7th October

Rockefeller Brothers Fund has given millions to groups working with Hamas and other jihadis

Soros has funneled over $15M to pro-Hamas organizations through Open Society Foundations

Mark Levin: This is ‘full story’ on the Hamas infiltration of America

Within the budget process there are two different facets. Congress is charged by the Constitution with making decisions about how to spend public money. Those spending decisions are split into two parts: authorization and appropriations.  In the recent political era the “authorization” process has essentially been nulled; no one ever asks if the program (Ukraine, Israel, FBI, etc.) should be funded. 

“Authorization” is done by Congress via legislation that “can establish, continue, or modify an agency, program, or activity for a fixed or indefinite period of time,” per the Congressional Research Service. In other words, authorization is Congress saying that money can be spent on a given item — not that it necessarily will be spent on that item.

“Appropriations” are done by Congress via legislation that authorizes agencies to make payments from the federal Treasury (i.e. it allows them to spend the money that had previously been authorized). Appropriations bills are ordinarily passed each year, but in recent years it has been common for Congress to fund the government “on autopilot” via continuing resolutions that simply allow agencies to continue spending the same amount of money they were spending under the previous funding bill.

Matt Gaetz has been trying to change this dynamic because the external recipients of the appropriation spending, the lobbyists, are the ones driving the continuation of the CR approach. The lobbyists pay congress via campaign donations. Those donations come from congressional appropriation. The CR process maintains the largesse.

Every time this guy pops up, I am reminded of his previous fame in constructing the “YouTube video narrative” as an explanation for the 2012 Benghazi attack.  At the time, it was Jake Sullivan working in the State Dept who fabricated that entire story; yes, it was entirely his creation, and the Clinton and Obama team (then NSA Susan Rice) pushed it into the media as the official U.S. explanation.  It’s funny (not really) how no one ever calls Sullivan out on that history, given his current position.

Taking that background context, while also accepting that everything we are told about Ukraine and the official position of the U.S. as it pertains to current Israeli War aspects, Jake Sullivan’s prior manufacturing of extreme defensive narratives, abjectly false presentations, leads more credence to accepting that we are once again being manipulated by fundamentally false information.  Jake Sullivan is now Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor.

Appearing on CBS, Sullivan outlines the current coordination between the Biden administration and Israeli leadership.  While he didn’t specifically say the words in the headline, instead describing exactly that while pretending something else, Hamas is FACTUALLY holding 500+ Americans hostage as human shields. WATCH:

Again, we are all being manipulated.  Just a reminder…..

In our modern times we hear about the Cloward-Piven strategy. But I’ve been wondering for a while if anyone has written a book on how the ruling classes throughout history have used the method of transferring/populations from one country to another in order to control, manipulate, dilute, &/or fundamentally change the cultures of those countries who received the new populations of different cultures.

Off the top of my head, from the Bible, we have the Babylonian Empire in the Old Testament. In Israel’s situation (& probably most nations) it was due to their sin and God’s judgement (removal of Divine protection until they repented). I believe other nations were controlled in different ways via population transfers as well.

I recall the Greek Empire moving populations around as well for different purposes.
(Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Islamic nations in Africa & Middle East, etc.)

Large populations transfers have occurred through various slave trades of different nations throughout history. But I’d be interested in mainly reading more how populations/cultures have been intentionally/strategically transferred to harm the receiving nation.

And maybe these historical facts, instances, strategies, patterns of behavior w/ regard to demographic manipulation can be boiled down into simple bullet points or soundbites to expose similar techniques being used today.

Just brainstorming…

You’re gonna wanna bookmark this. This is a compilation of all of the 2020 election challenges and what became of them. Despite the MSM lies that 60+ election challenges found no evidence of wrongdoing, there were actually 92 cases, with only 30 decided on the merits, and of those 30, Trump and/or the GOP plaintiff prevailed in 22 of them.


Agenda 2030:Looks like the globalists have a plan all worked out for the homeless…..Justin from Canada to legalize euthanasia for drug addicts with plans to expand to anybody in poverty. Considered ‘Non-Essential’ 


Here we have a Non-Essential Canadian military veteran offered euthanasia instead of a wheelchair ramp at her home

Throughout history, the seven words which have been the hallmark of every socialist and communist system are “I’m the Government, I’m here to help”. A review of the Tytler cycle reveals why more Government help, always leads to less prosperity and freedom.

In the U.S. Constitution, there are specific clauses to providing both the security and infrastructure of the country, and the issuance of currency and debt. Interestingly, there are no clauses that state the Government’s responsibility is the financial support of households and corporations hurt after decades of financial mismanagement.

The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been about 200 years. These nations always progressed through this sequence:

  • From Bondage to Moral Certitude;
  • Moral Certitude to Great Courage;
  • Great Courage to Liberty;
  • Liberty to Abundance;
  • Abundance to Selfishness;
  • Selfishness to Complacency;
  • Complacency to Apathy;
  • Apathy to Dependency;
  • Dependency to Bondage.”