By USN Columnist Mary Wilson Burkett / Feb 24,2021

Hillary Clinton Writing a Novel? LOL

Hillary Clinton is writing a novel. And why not? Her whole life is a fiction! Here are a few of her greatest hits:

  • She and Bill Clinton are happily married
  • She arrived in Bosnia under sniper fire
  • Chelsea was jogging around the World Trade Center on September 11
  • She was named after Sir Edmund Hillary
  • White House gifts and furniture taken from the White House. Clerical error
  • Law firm records mysteriously show up on a table in the White House
  • Didn’t know her staff would fire travel office employees (in spite of her telling them to do so)
  • Always a Yankees fan
  • Didn’t know her brothers were being paid for securing pardons from her husband
  • None of the emails on her private server were marked Confidential
  • Leaving the White House not only “dead broke” but with debt

The worst one of all? Chris Stevens, her supposed good friend, Ambassador to Libya, was responsible for his own death! 

When her book comes out, I won’t purchase it but I’ll borrow it from the library. Should be a good read. NOT.

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