by Daniel Ray at

If you want to see how life is meant to be lived, just take a few moments and watch children play. Their first instincts are to explore, create, experience and have fun! We carry this explorer instinct with us through our teen years and maybe through the first few years out of college, but then something occurs; we grow up.

After all, life can get pretty serious. College graduates must find jobs, housing, pay bills and establish themselves. Then it’s time to find a spouse, settle down and start a family. Next, gotta focus on promotions to get those big raises to provide for that beautiful young family. And what about college educations and retirement? And by the time the college graduate realizes, 25 years has quickly and magically disappeared! Becoming an adult is a process and it tends to result in people being formed and pressed into molds. We learn as we grow older that being different isn’t always the best thing.

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