By Tara Garcia on Facebook

It was well known in advance that the occupiers were on their way to another county to give a talk at a community center. It’s also known that the protesters left their guns at the refuge.

But, did you know that Lavoy Finicum was offered an armed escort? That he was warned only 2 days before of impending FBI action? Either you go in peace or you go prepared for a gunfight. He was a man who led by example. I do not believe he had everyone else leave their weapons without doing the same. He had a permit to carry concealed weapons. People with permits have no need to carry stolen guns (what the police claim they found on him). And he obviously didn’t accept the armed escort. LISTEN TO HIM!! Does he sound anxious or trigger-happy when he receives this call?

BTW- he was on the way to meet with a constitutionalist sheriff who was purposely left uninformed about the FBI plans for a roadblock and the government is now trying to apply charges to silence him as well.