December 1, 2016 by Daniel Molina at The Shark Tank

H.R. 6393, the Intelligence Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2017, was passed today by the House of Representatives in a bipartisan effort with a vote of 390-30.

Tom Rooney, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, commented that “Now, more than ever, America is counting on Congress to pass laws that will keep the nation safe from the growing threat of global terrorism. Acts of terrorism, like the Orlando nightclub shooting and the attack this week at Ohio State, serve as tragic reminders of why we must ensure that our Intelligence Community has the resources needed to keep Americans safe.”

Along with providing authorization for a number of important national security programs, the Intelligence Authorization Act “sustains and enhances U.S. capabilities to fight global terrorism and counter the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, strengthens Congressional oversight of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) by setting authorization requirements and directing the PCLOB to keep Congress fully informed of its activities.

It also requires the President to establish an interagency committee to counter Russian covert influence over U.S. government officials and Shines a light on Guantanamo transfers by requiring declassification reviews of intelligence on past terrorist activities of individuals transferred out of Guantanamo Bay” as reported by a press release sent by Rooney.

This article is republished with permission from our friends at the Shark Tank.