13 Things Your Child Should Bring To School To Avoid Getting Canceled | Babylon Bee 

These days it’s best if you homeschool your kids, but we understand that not everyone can. So, if you’re going to send your kids to public school, at least help them avoid the cancel mob by packing a few essential items in their backpacks.

Here are 13 items every student needs to avoid being canceled:

History textbook with all the pages about white people ripped out: The more we can forget about white people the better.

300 masks: They must live in constant fear of a virus that has almost no chance of harming them.

BLM foam fist: Make sure all their teachers know they are sufficiently anti-racist.

A bag of salted crickets: This is an eco-friendly meal approved by the World Economic Forum. Make sure he has enough to share with his friends!

A dog muzzle: This will help prevent him from expressing any unapproved opinions.

Tampons: To stock the men’s room. Janitor always forgets for some reason.

Kente cloth scarf: Make sure your child knows to kneel respectfully while wearing it.

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