Father’s Day comes around once a year and is a time to celebrate the guy who brought you into this world. Besides just doing that good deed, he may have taught you a thing or two about survival as well. Looking to give him a survival related gift that he will actually use and enjoy? We did the heavy lifting for you and have your list ready to go. Listed in order of how much they cost, each one of these would make a great gift for the survivalist or prepping dad. If you’re a dad feel free to share so you can drop a ‘hint’- you know you are hard to shop for! Feel free to let us know what you would hope for if it didn’t make our list, so you can help all the other dads dodge the neckties get the stuff they really want.

1/10 Dr. Pepper Diversion Safe ($8)

23 flavors of diversion in a can. The Dr. Pepper diversion safe is a great inexpensive gift for anyone who could use an inconspicuous survival cache. Burglars would never take the time to check this in a home. And it stands unnoticed if you decide to take it to the office. A sure hit for any dad serious about survival or preparedness, or just looking for a good place to hide something.

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