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Mass immigration costs government $296 billion a year

Emails reveal collusion between EPA and green groups on climate rules

DHS trying to rush citizenship apps for election purposes

Gov. report: 500,000 girls in U.S. at risk of genital mutilation

Mass. Supreme Court: Legitimate For Black Men To Flee Police

Senate Declares Saudi Arabia Responsible Enough To Sue For 9/11, Trustworthy Enough To Receive $1.5 Billion In Weapons

Washington at Its Worst: Senate Passes Non-Existent Bill

Mass immigration costs government $296 billion a year
Mass immigration costs govt. $296 billion a year: National Academy of Sciences Immigration is a massive drain on the government, with immigrants taking as much as $296 billion more in benefits than they pay in taxes, according to a new authoritative study by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, which found the record […]

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